Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kasey and Nathan's Wedding!

What a wonderful weekend we had for Kasey and Nathan's wedding! It was such a fun time of sweet celebration as the two of them started their life together.

We had a wonderful evening with them on Thursday night, as Kasey and Nathan gave their parents and our kids sweet, special gifts.

All the girls got to get pedicures for the big day...even Anna Lee :)
Kasey had the most amazing musicians playing in her wedding...a longtime, special friend, Eric Wilson, played the soprano sax beautifully and Kasey's sweet friend and co-worker, Terri Barrier, played the piano. It was the most amazingly gorgeous music.

The ring bearer taking a break from his duties.
The rehearsal...

J.D. was very concerned about all of the flower petals Anna Lee was scattering on the floor. He felt like they needed to be picked up.

The rehearsal dinner....

Special friends and family plus great Mexican food!
The three new Pope wives.

Our wonderful friend Phillip did Kasey's hair for the wedding. It was gorgeous!!!

The dress

J.D. thought he should take some pictures too.
And Anna Lee was making sure they turned out ok.

The ring bearer...the RB

Anna Lee was waving to her "fans" as we were introduced at the reception.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pope!
Kara and our sweet Aunt Sue
Anna Lee loved getting to be at the reception. Besides it being past her bedtime, it was a wedding party!!!
Cutting the cake

The cakes were amazing!!!
The reception was at Sunset Station, an old train station in downtown San Antonio.
It was beautiful!

Eric and Terri played beautifully at the reception too.

Instead of tossing her bouquet to the single ladies, Kasey gave her bouquet away to the couple who had been married the longest. Anna Lee was heart-broken that she didn't get to try to catch the bouquet. So Kasey graciously gave Anna Lee her own private bouquet toss. :)
She was thrilled!

The wedding party...the brothers and the sisters.
Kasey danced with Anna Lee to the Sleeping Beauty song "Once Upon a Dream" before she and Nathan left. So sweet!
The happy couple!
As Kasey and Nathan left on the trolley, they had everyone blow horns instead of throwing petals at them. It was a fun (and loud!) exit!
After they left, Anna Lee was so sad. She burst into tears and said she was crying because she was going to miss her Aunt Kasey and New Uncle Nathan...and because the party was over :)
But the horns did wonders to cheer her up!

GranDee and Pops were the heroes of the weekend! They were there every minute we needed them, taking care of one or both of our children, so we could enjoy the celebration with Kasey and Nathan. Thank you, GranDee and Pops!!!
Mom and Dad ready for some much-needed rest...and cake! after hosting a wonderful evening.
The day after the wedding, my parents had a lunch for all of the family who was still in town. It was a special time of prayer for the new couple, fellowship, and (more) eating!

The invitation :)

Anna Lee loved playing with her cousin Clay. Clay lit the candles in the wedding...and they wouldn't light! He was amazing! He didn't let it get him flustered...he just worked until he got it. Way to go, Clay!!
Congrats to the newly-married couple! Such a wonderful weekend full of wonderful memories.
Lots more special memories to come!