Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been struck lately by the joy that children bring. We had our good friends from Nashville, Paul, Ericka, and Riley, into town last weekend. They have had such a difficult year, and it was so good to be with them. Our weekend was filled with wonderful conversation, food, and laughter. It was so fun to watch Anna Lee and Riley play together. This past summer, when Paul and Ericka were dealing with a lot, it was amazing to see the smiles that Riley could bring to people's faces. He is a ray of sunshine, and makes everyone around him feel that too. Here are a couple of pictures of Anna Lee and Riley together last weekend. It really was a joyful time.

A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother got really sick and moved in with my parents. She is such a wonderful woman. She has lost most of her sight and hearing, and yet never complains. I am so thankful for her. Soon after her move to San Antonio, my parents' 13 year old dog, Holly, got really sick and had to be put to sleep last Tuesday. For most people, this would be pretty sad, but for our family, it has been like losing a family member. I decided to load Anna Lee up and take her to San Antonio to give my parents and grandmother a dose of her happiness. Again, I was amazed at the way her presence could bring about such a sense of joy. I have been reminded this past week of the joy of children. And I have been thankful.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Year Portraits- Where does the time go???

Anna Lee got her twelve month portraits made this morning. She is still officially twelve months old...I had a few days left! I thought the people taking her picture did a great job of capturing her personality- she has lots to share! She loves this new smile where she really shows her front teeth. It's amazing to watch her grow and change, and to see her little wheels turning all day long. I have been so amazed at what an opinionated little person she has become. That girl knows what she wants! From saltine crackers to listening to her favorite song on her favorite cd (oh, she has one- I know it by heart!), to picking out a piece of pretend food from her grocery cart to carry around all day, she likes to make her choices. I am so thankful to have such a sweetheart, who keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh so many times every day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Christmas card

Well, I unfortunately didn't ever get a Christmas card sent out this year. I am trying for Valentines Day. We will see. If I had sent a card out, I think this is the picture I might have used. Happy holidays, everyone!

Christmas in Mansfield

We had our second Christmas celebration at Jim's sister, Lacy's house in Mansfield. It was fun for all of the cousins to get to play together...although the parents and grandparents were all exhausted from lack of sleep!

Playing with her cousin, Kasen
Matthew got to help with the bath...

Brynlee got to help with breakfast...
Playing with Brynlee
Matching cousin Christmas outfits from GranDee
Matthew and Brynlee had the best reactions to their presents. I thought these pictures were both so cute!

Christmas in San Antonio

Santa came and visited Anna Lee here early, since we were going to be out of town on actual Christmas day. One of her favorite presents was her new fake Blackberry...that way she will leave Daddy's alone.

Here she is doing her new trick...walking!

It was so fun to get to be with my family...especially since my sister, Kara, was back in town from her new home, Spain. Kara brought us all these Spain shirts...including a little one for Anna Lee!

All dressed up for the Christmas Eve service.

Anna Lee could not get enough of my parents' dog, Holly. She was constantly chasing her, calling her, and offering her bites of her cracker.

Santa came to visit Anna Lee on Christmas day. She wasn't quite sure of him, but by the end, liked him enough to give him a high five.

Anna Lee loved the shopping cart her grandparents gave her. She pushes it everywhere!

So much fun with the aunts!

All of us with Great

A Christmas Birthday

Anna Lee turned one year old on December 21st. We had such a fun time planning her birthday party! At her party, the kids made gingerbread houses and got their pictures made with Santa. They got to take these home as their party favors. Here are a few of the shots we got of Anna Lee at her party. We didn't end up getting a ton, since we were all busy with jobs during the party. Anna Lee seemed to have fun, even though she wasn't quite sure what she thought of Santa.