Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Today is Anna Lee's first day back to school. She started this year at a new pre-school, and we are really excited about the year that is ahead. We went last night to a parent meeting where Anna Lee got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Carrie, and the other kids in her class. It took us forever to get her to leave. She loved it!

Last night as I was getting Anna Lee ready for bed, we were talking about how she would get to go back to school again today. She said, "I am so excited! I am going to have so much fun!"

One of the treats for Anna Lee getting to go to school this year is riding with Daddy. Jim will be taking Anna Lee in the mornings and I will be picking her up in the afternoons. She seems to love this idea. She and Jim picked out cds last night that they would listen to on the way, and this morning, Veggie Tales was on full blast as they were leaving. As she and Jim drove off this morning, Anna Lee waved and told me, "Have fun at home today, Mommy!"

Jim said that when they got to school this morning, Anna Lee was so happy and marched right in. He said the teachers asked Anna Lee if she was ready to come in for school she said, "YES!"
Such a big girl.

I have to say, there is a little part of me that is selfishly excited about Anna Lee starting school again. I am looking forward to running errands with the single stoller instead of the double, going and having a much calmer lunch with friends or Jim, going to the grocery store without someone who will accidentally pull pickle jars off of the has happened...
But what I will look forward to most is seeing that sweet smiling face today at 2:00!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Lately

Life has been much happier lately. With the combination of J.D.'s milk allergy, a million trips, and Anna Lee's tonsillectomy, things have felt a little crazy the past 4 months. But we are finally back in a groove! Anna Lee is a super happy girl. She is such a joy. She is 2 and a half now and as girly as they come. She starts at a new school next Monday, and I am really excited about the year she is going to have. J.D. just turned 4 months old. My how time flies! He is growing like a weed, and is such a laid back little guy. He sits and watches Anna Lee runs circles around him, and puts up with way too much princess talk. These past two months, he has been so much happier than the first two.

Anna Lee is quite the little mommy. She takes such good care of J.D. as well as all of her little dolls. She hasn't had a single moment of jealousy with J.D. , which I have been so thankful for. She loves to read him books, hug on him, and tell me what he "needs." Lately, she has decided that J.D.'s swing is not only his, but her baby doll's. Everytime I go to put J.D. in his swing, her doll is in it in this exact position. Every time. Little pillow behind its head, covered up with one of her old burp cloths. Every time.

The other day I came in to Anna Lee's room and I found her reading J.D. books. It was so sweet. He was just sitting and staring at her as she "read" story after story to him.

My grandmother gave us this great new double walking stroller. We haven't used it a lot lately because it has been so hot, even at night. This was a picture of the kids on their first ride in it together. They both seemed to enjoy it for different reasons. J.D. just liked being outside and Anna Lee just liked being next to J.D.

This is typical. Poor little guy having to study a picture of Ariel.

Watching a Praise Baby video together.
So glad life is slowing down a bit. As our fun summer is ending, I am looking forward to the routine of the Fall!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rewind to the Ranch

The weekend before Anna Lee had her surgery, my family met up at a beautiful ranch near Kerville in the hill country of Texas. Thanks to the generosity of one of our sweet family friends, we were able to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing weekend in an incredibly beautiful place. It was a true "get-away" for all of us, especially since our cell phones and emails didn't work. You forget how much you use your phone! It was nice to spend time together swimming, fishing, playing cards, playing volleyball in the pool, watching for deer, rocking on the porch, reading, eating, etc. Here are a few of the pictures we caught over the weekend.

This is the ranch house where we stayed.
And this is the pond where we all went fishing. It was all so beautiful and peaceful.
Anna Lee loved fishing. She now says "That's where I caught the fish" everytime we pass any creek or lake in Dallas. She wasn't afraid of the fish at all. She grabbed each one after she caught them.

Going on a walk to see the llama with Grandad
The little fisherman

Looking for deer early in the morning

On Sunday, we had a neat worship time with my family. My mom is amazing. She had brought costumes and props to tell the story of Moses. It is one of Anna Lee's favorites. My mom and Anna Lee dressed up and acted out the story. Anna Lee was ready to go put the basket in the real river outside. The other day when I asked her where they put Moses, she said, "Kerville."

J.D. enjoyed being outside so much. You can see him here taking a relaxing nap with Grandad.

We were so glad to have such a fun time together! Kara leaves again for Spain in just a few short weeks to start a Masters program in Madrid. We were glad to get family and sister time together before she leaves. We will miss her!
Justin and Jim were on the trip too, but for some reason they didn't make it into any pictures. We love you guys too!

It was such a fun trip!