Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

This past Sunday night, our church had Trunk or Treat. I always love this event. Everyone decorates their trunk with a theme (some of the favorites this year were the Polar Express, a school, a mad scientist lab, the Veggie Tales, etc.) and the kids get to go from trunk to trunk and get candy. It is so fun to see the kids in the cute costumes...and just as much fun to see all of the creative trunks people decorate. This year, Anna Lee dressed up as a ladybug and J.D. dressed up as a monkey. Anna Lee originally wanted to be a princess (surprise, surprise), but I was able to squeeze one more year of a non-princess costume out of her.
Anna Lee had even more fun this year, since she really understood the fact that she was going to get candy out of the deal. She was wired for a LONG time when she got home...there is NO telling how much candy she ate!

We decorated our trunk like a jungle this year, with a bunch of bananas around our little monkey. We passed the bananas out along with candy. J.D. did a great job sitting in the trunk, and was completely mesmerized by the bananas...and eventually the candy too.

We had so much fun with a bunch of our family getting to come on Sunday night. Kasey, GranDee and Pops, and Mom-Mom and Grandad were all able to be there with us. It made it even more fun!

But the happiest kid of all was this little one when we finally took his hot costume off. One can only be a cute monkey for so long.

More Halloween fun to come this week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing Up...and Falling Down

J.D. learned to sit up this week! It makes me feel like he is so big! This is one of my favorite changes babies make because it makes them look and feel so much bigger and helps them have a new independence. J.D. has really enjoyed being upright this week, and has just sat and played with toys by himself so much.

But the increased muscle strength has been problematic too. Yesterday, I went to the utility room to do a load of laundry. I had buckled J.D. in the swing for him to take a nap (which is where he enjoys taking a lot of his naps). He was swinging along and then started crying. I let him cry for a couple of minutes while I finished up in the laundry room. Should have gone in sooner. When I came back in, J.D. wasn't in the swing. He had apparently sat himself up and then fallen out onto the floor, and his foot was still stuck up in the strap of the swing. I could NOT have felt worse!!! Poor little guy got lots and lots of hugs and kisses after that.

That mean ole' swing.