Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin in the Patch

The Pumpkin Party

Last week, Anna Lee and I headed to Allen for a Pumpkin Party with some of our friends. It was so much fun! There were 4 moms, 4 toddlers, and 3 babies in all...quite the crowd! The kids all got to decorate pumpkins, decorate Halloween masks, read pumpkin books, watch Halloween movies, and make Halloween cookies. We had such a blast...and were exhausted by naptime! Here are some pictures from the day. I am so thankful for these girls and their kids, and for the fun times we get to have together.

So Many Things to Celebrate!

Our past couple of months have been so busy! It feels like we were traveling or have had company every week at some point. But it has all been for wonderful reasons! We have had a lot of things to celebrate...

My grandmother turned 90 years old this year on October 8th. We all traveled to Sudan, Texas, in the Panhandle of Texas, for a big birthday party for her. It was such a special time. I was amazed at all of the people who came for her party! She had over 100 people come through her door to wish her a Happy Birthday, many of whom she had taught at some point. During her party, she recited from memory the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Not many 90 year olds that I know can do that...or many 20 year olds for that matter! My grandmother ("Mom" to me and "Great" to Anna Lee) is an amazing woman. She has taught me so much, and continues to teach me as she gets older. She has lost most of her sight and hearing, but chooses to never complain. I am so thankful for her example, and for her 90 years. I look forward many more celebrations with her.

My sister, Kara, has the same birthday as my grandmother (and funny enough, so did my grandfather). Kara got to fly in from Honduras the weekend after her birthday. We had fun getting to know her new boyfriend, Sergio, and I know Anna Lee especially had fun getting to be with Kara. We had cupcakes for Kara's birthday, and Anna Lee helped Kara blow out the candles. If you look carefully at the picture, you will notice Anna Lee's nose getting burned. I think we were all too busy taking pictures to notice that Anna Lee got a little too close while she was blowing the candles out. When she came back up, her nose was black. Oops.

Celebrating in a different way...our friends Sean and Rachel had their new baby girl a few weeks ago. Sweet baby Ava finally arrived, and we have been so excited that she is here-- healthy and as beautiful as could be. Rachel and I love to have (long) girly lunches together, so Anna Lee and I were so excited to add another girl to the mix!

On October 4th, one of my favorite friends in the world got married. Chelsea and Scott tied the knot, and we all got to be there for the celebration. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding...with beautiful music and flowers....and bride! It was so honoring to the couple, and was especially honoring to God. The reception was a blast...with great food, great music, and great friends. Here is a picture of Chelsea and Scott during their first dance. It was so fun to be a part of such a joyful celebration.