Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who loves Santa Claus??

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Review in Pictures

So I have been waaaay behind on updating the blog. I thought I would give a quick run-down of Fall pictures before all of the Christmas pictures start. We have had a wonderful and very busy Fall. We have loved every moment of living in Abilene, and continue to be very thankful for new blessings.

Homecoming was an especially fun time, as we got to see so many old friends...and have many of them in our new home. Jim's whole family came in for the weekend, and it was wonderful getting to spend time with them.

One of our new favorite activities: going to ACU ball games!

Jim got to spend time with his roommates from college. It was so fun to all be together!

Our little girls had fun together too!

In October, some of our best friends from Nashville came to visit us. We all met up at my parents' house in San Antonio and had a wonderful time together.Fall brought lots of pumpkins, crafts, and foods this year...

For Halloween, J.D. was a lion and Anna Lee was a bride. It was a beautiful and hot afternoon, and the kids raked in buckets and buckets of candy. My parents and Kara were in for the fun weekend.

cutest little lion

We got to go trick-or-treating at my aunt and uncle's house as well as at Jim's aunt and uncle's house. It was a special treat! The kids loved getting to see their cousin Clay all dressed up too!

Notice the mouth already full of candy!

We got to go to San Antonio for Kasey's bridal shower. It was a wonderful day of blessings for Kasey and for our whole family. We have had such sweet friends at Oak Hills for so long, and they poured out their love on all of us that weekend. Kasey felt so honored and humbled, and was so thankful for all of the sweet words, gifts, hugs, etc. that were given that morning. It was such a fun weekend to have Nathan's parents there with us too! We all ate lots of Mexican food and played lots of Taboo :)

Denalyn Lucado gave the time of blessing for Kasey, and it was so special.

This little person was thrilled to get to help open the presents!
Notice the picture in her hand that she drew of Nathan and Kasey getting married.

Anna Lee had a Thanksgiving feast at her school, and continues to love Young Children's World. She has made some really sweet girlfriends there this year.

We are still working on the smile...

We got to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Abilene this year, but we were able to celebrate a day early with Jim's grandmother, aunt and uncle, and cousins. Another reason we have been thankful to live in Abilene!

Anna Lee having a tea party with Aunt Cynthia

New Rapunzel hair. Hilarious.

J.D. loves getting to go to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Jack's house. J.D. especially loves the time he gets to play with the balls on the pool table with Uncle Jack.

Anna Lee and I got to go to the Mother-Daughter Pajamarama at Highland. The sweet ladies who put the event together did such a wonderful job! It was such a treat for all of us! There was food, crafts, games, a movie, etc. Anna Lee loved every minute of it!
And now the craziness of Christmas begins!!