Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Family-Filled Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend, filled with visits from a lot of family.
My parents had been in Spain and Italy visiting my sister, Kara for the past couple of weeks. They had a fun, busy trip, and got back to DFW on Friday. They came back with plenty of goodies for Anna Lee, and couldn't wait to give them to her. Kara, thank you for this ladybugs shirt! It is so cute!

My parents got Anna Lee this matching purse and hat set. Anna Lee really wanted to put the hat on my mom in the airport. How could she say no?

Anna Lee decked out in all her souvenirs. Looks like she's ready for her own trip to Italy!

Opening Mother's Day gifts Friday night- with plenty of help from Anna Lee

Oh the fun Anna Lee has with Aunt Kasey! Saturday morning, Kasey was taking her on these blanket rides through the house. Anna Lee was loving it!

Taking a stroll with Granddaddy

I love three generation pictures...especially at Mother's Day.

Studying up before dinner

On Sunday, Jim's parents (GranDee and Pops) came to play and have dinner with us. Anna Lee loved getting to be with them! We spent some time playing outside and Anna Lee got plenty of rides in the wagon they gave her for her birthday. It is her favorite!

It is such a joy to be the mommy to this sweet girl.
Lots of kisses, hugs, and laughter with her around.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Anna Lee is a new fan of carrying double purses through the house. She has also discovered "posing" for pictures, and says something that sounds a lot like "Cheese" each time the camera is pulled out.
We discovered Elmo last week for the first time...a nice change from the constant Miss Pattycake. All day, Anna Lee requests "Emmo." He has helped a lot with our eating challenges....but one can only take so much Elmo!
Chatting on the phone---there may or may not be someone on the other end. She doesn't really care. She can carry the conversation with or without someone else talking back. Seriously...very chatty.
I thought this was so sweet as Jim and Anna Lee walked to the car after a dinner at Macaroni Grill.
Jim's cousin, Larissa, and her husband and little girl, Shaye, came to stay with us one night last weekend. It was really fun for the girls to get re-acquainted. For some reason, we decided to take pictures when the girls were not wearing clothes. Still really cute.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Loving on Kanyon

Jaymie and Kanyon Phillips visited us the past couple of nights for dinner. We had so much fun with them! They have been staying with my sister, Kasey, while Kanyon has been going to "Feeding Camp" here in Dallas. If you don't know about Kanyon, you should really check out his blog at They are such an amazing example of strength and faith. I had so much fun loving on that sweet little boy last night. It was so much fun to make him laugh, and then to later get to sing him to sleep.

Anna Lee loved Kanyon! She really wanted to be his friend, so she sat and talked with him while he sat in the bouncy seat. When Kanyon would kick his feet to make the bouncy seat bounce, Anna Lee would kick her feet just like him. We caught this picture of her offering Kanyon some of the ice she was chewing.

Thank you for coming to see us, Jaymie! We love you and your sweet baby boy!