Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies!

A couple of weeks ago, I took Anna Lee and J.D. down to San Antonio for the week. We had grand plans of a great week with lots of fun activities. Unfortunately, we all got a stomach bug while we were there, so we spent more time at my parents' house than out shopping and playing. But one fun thing we did get to do was go to see Toy Story in the theater! Anna Lee had never been to a movie theater before, so this was a real treat for her. She was amazed at how big the screen was, and she still talks about how she got to get popcorn, M&Ms, and a "Diet Coke." (Sprite) The movie was in 3D, so we had to wear glasses the whole time (or at least we were supposed to).

J.D. even enjoyed watching it...for a while.

So much fun! Now if they would just put Sleeping Beauty back in the theaters, we would have the happiest girl alive!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Late Halloween!

I had every intention of getting these pictures downloaded last week. But after a trip to San Antonio with no camera battery charger or cord to connect to the computer (and two kids with a stomach bug), I couldn't get the pictures off of my camera until today.

We had such a fun Halloween week! It was busy, filled with fun activities and lots of friends.

My friend, Julie and I decided to take our kids to a pumpkin patch one day. It was supposed to be the greatest day for our kids, filled with wonderful memories of an amazingly fun outing. Just wishful thinking by two moms. It was such a cold day...and there were HUNDREDS of kids there! I mean, really! There were so many school buses there. We both had our babies in strollers, trying to keep them happy and warm, and were chasing after two toddlers who were excited about the pumpkins and animals. We got done and we were exhausted. The kids seemed to have fun, even though their moms were stressed out.

When the kids got their food for the animals, they spent most of their time doing this: pouring it from one cup to another. We kept trying to encourage them to actually feed the animals...but this seemed to be much more fun.

Picking out her pumpkin

This was sadly the best picture I could get of Anna Lee and J.D. together

Anna Lee had a fun Fall party at her school. We have loved her new school this year. Her teacher, Mrs. Carrie, is super sweet and great with all of the kids.

Making a ghost craft

Halloween night, we got everyone dressed up and met up with some friends and our neighbors to walk to a carnival they had in our neighborhood. We had a great time. They had a bounce house, games, cotton candy, a cake walk, face painting, etc. The kids seemed to have a really fun time together...and the adults did too!

I thought this picture was so funny. Don't they both look ready to have a great time?!? J.D.'s monkey feet make me laugh every time.

J.D. was awake for a few minutes at the beginning....

and then was fast asleep for a good bit of the evening.

Anna Lee had a blast. She jumped and jumped in the bounce house, and then enjoyed playing the games and getting her face painted...with a ladybug.

The babies enjoyed the carnival together from the stroller.

Off to Trick or Treat. Anna Lee had so much fun with that this year. It was the first year that she had really understood the concept that she could go to someone's door, say "Trick or Treat," and she would get candy in return. What a deal!

Notice the hand holding. They are too much. The costumes seemed to make them extra cute all together.

What a fun Halloween! Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving!