Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a great daddy!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Jim on Sunday. Talk about a great daddy! He is the best! We had grand plans of having a nice lunch at home as a family, but Anna Lee left church in the worst mood ever, and cried all the way she was asleep during our Father's Day lunch. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Jim and Anna Lee over the past year and a half. It has been the most wonderful year and a half of our lives. I wouldn't want to be a parent with any other person in the whole world.

Jim and Anna Lee opened his Father's Day gifts together. In the picture below, they are looking at the "Daddy and Me" book that he has received the past two years. Each Father's Day, I have made him a continuing scrapbook of pictures of the two of them from the year. Anna Lee was much more interested in the pictures this year. Hopefully someday it can be a really special gift we give to her.
Jim also got a basketball goal as a gift so that he can teach Anna Lee to play basketball. It was Anna Lee's favorite gift! This picture didn't turn out as an "action shot" like I had hoped...but you can see the basket they are scoring together!
Hope you had a Happy Father's Day Jim! Anna Lee and I love you more than words can tell you. You are the most wonderful daddy...I think so, and so does Anna Lee!
Happy Father's Day on Sunday to our own dads. Without them, we wouldn't be the people (and the parents) who we are today.


Kyla said...

So cute! What a good idea to make a 'daddy and me' scrapbook. Also, what are you doing up at 5:45 am (I noticed what time you posted this.) Please don't tell me that's what time you wake up!

p.s. give Kasey a 'happy b-day' hug for me. :)