Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Maggie Update

From Brant: We are very pleased to report that Maggie went through her surgery yesterday morning in fabulous fashion. The medical team is very pleased with her recovery so far. Maggie's shunt was successfully inserted. The shunt begins in the lateral ventricles of her brain, moves to a valve located under the skin above her right ear, and then travels down under her skin into her abdomen. Any of the cebrospinal fluid that drains down the shunt system into her abdomen will be absorbed by the body there. The surgeons made the tube which goes down into her abdomen long enough that it should still function well even after she grows into adulthood.

Particularly we were thrilled that they were able to remove the ventilator tube from her throat almost immediately after her surgery was completed. This was further evidence of how Maggie's breathing has improved from her earlier struggles.

The last several days we could see Maggie's head gently swelling as the fluid increased and the soft spot on her head became firm. Since her surgery, we can already see a decrease in the swelling, and her soft spot has once again become soft.If all goes well, and as expected, Maggie should be able to come home later this week. We'll have a better view of that plan in a day or two.

*Maggie got to move to a regular room today--out of the NICU! Getting closer to going home!!!