Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Musical

This post is a little late, but better late than never I guess. The past month or so has been a whirlwind, including a fast and fun trip to my grandmother's house in Sudan, Texas for Thanksgiving. Anna Lee only lasted a few minutes at the table before she was ready for a nap, but she seemed to enjoy the turkey and mashed potatoes that she got to eat. While we were in Sudan, we tried to fit in as many parties and celebrations as possible in just 3 days. After our official Thanksgiving feast, we had a small (early) birthday party for Anna Lee so my grandmother could give her presents to her. Anna Lee got an Elmo Live from my grandmother for her birthday, and she could not have loved it more! I tried to capture her excitement in the pictures. She was even giving Elmo hugs after a few minutes.

The day after Thanksgiving, we celebrated Christmas with my grandmother, since we all won't get to be there over the actual Christmas holiday. Anna Lee loved getting to decorate my grandmother's tree with us, and helped us put on the ornaments (kind of). Our small Christmas celebration there got me really excited for the real one. It is so much fun to see the difference that one year can make, and how much more fun she has with Christmas this year. She loved getting and giving presents to everyone.

So after "Christmas," my dad had a fun afternoon of games planned. He had bought a bunch of prizes...some good, some better. We were divided into teams and answered riddles to get the prizes. I think he was caught off guard by how competitive we were with the games. No one gave anyone any mercy...not even my grandmother.

This was one of my prizes. I was very proud to win it. I also ended up with a Nike jacket.
Anna Lee enjoyed the flying bird more than anyone. She and my dad spent a good while flying it outside after the "games."

The last game was the most exciting. Dad pulled out a $50 bill and said whoever correctly guessed the sex of the baby would win the money. A drawing will be held between the people who were correct. The drawing is to be held soon between Jim, my sisters, my grandmother, and me. My parents both guess girl. A second $50 bill was pulled out for whoever guesses the closest weight of the baby. A $100 bill was the prize offered for the person who ends up guessing both the correct sex of the baby and the closet birth weight. My question was: is there a prize for the one who actually HAS the baby?? I guess it is a baby. :0)

Last but not least, we had a fun surprise birthday party for my mom. Talk about a packed...and fun...time with family!

The week after we got home from Thanksgiving, I helped direct a Christmas musical for the 1st through 5th graders at church. We have practiced since August, and we were so excited to finally be performing. The musical talked about Jesus' family tree, and how we all get to be in God's family because of Jesus' sacrifice. It was such an honor to get to teach the kids about music, acting, being on a team, and God's word. The kids did an amazing job, and we were all so proud of them. It was bittersweet to be finished. Here are a couple of pictures of the night we performed. This first picture was with some of my favorite people, Kasey, Tobin, and Abbe, who helped me in a million different ways over the past several months. It was such a blessing to get to be a part of such a fun project with close friends....and to become even closer.

The kids were so cute and did an AMAZING job. I was so proud of them!
Anna Lee had her birthday party this past weekend. Pictures will be coming soon. I can't believe she is already going to be 2!


Abbe said...

I can't believe the musical is over and I can't believe how great it was, you are amazing. I am so glad we got to be involved. I also LOVE the pictures of Anna Lee with your grandmother, how sweet.