Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking Forward to Spring!

Last week was beautiful. This week has been sleepy. The weather last week was incredible. It was a perfect temperature and the sun was shining so much! It seemed like we hadn't seen very much of the sun in a while. The kids had so much fun playing outside! We were out in the back yard or on walks as much as possible.

This week, the mood has been much different. The weather has been colder, and we still haven't recovered from Spring Forward. J.D. doesn't seem to be as bothered by it as Anna Lee...but she makes up for it! Ever since Anna Lee was a little baby, she has been very affected by springing forward or falling back. She just can't seem to get adjusted...and she is just "off" for a while. This week has been no exception. She has been sleeping terribly and terribly sleepy...and just plain moody. Hopefully a few more days and we will be back to normal.

Nothing like a little sunny weather to bring smiles like this! We are ready for Spring!

(Notice Sleeping Beauty riding in the wagon with J.D. :)


elizabeth said...

Oh, Kelly, we have been so affected by the time change, too! I feel for ya!! Sweet pictures of the kids. JD is growing so fast. And, I love the princess in the wagon! :)