Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving to A-Town

Our family has big news! We are moving to Abilene! We are so excited about this new opportunity and are looking forward to the great things God has in store for our family!

A while back, Jim and I decided that we wanted something different. Jim's job has been wonderful and he has enjoyed practicing corporate law for the past 5 years. He has learned so much and enjoyed working with his team; but we needed a change. He has worked incredibly long hours, including many late nights and most weekend days, and we were missing the joys of being together as a family. It hit us a little harder once J.D. was born.

So we decided to look for something new. At the time, we weren't sure what we were looking for...we thought maybe an in-house attorney position, etc.

After some unexpected conversations with Abilene Christian University (and a lot of discussion and prayer), Jim accepted a position there at ACU with the business department. He will be a professor and the director of their Entrepreneur/Philanthropy Program. He will teach, develop curriculum, fundraise, network, etc. He is so excited about his new position. I think it is such a perfect fit for him and he is going to do great things for the university and the students there.

We listed our house for sale by owner for a few weeks and then decided to list it with a realtor. It sold in 7 days with our realtor. Crazy! We bought a house in Abilene in Lytle Shores that we loved. It will be such a great fit for our family.

So our house is now being slowly packed up (it is a lot harder this time with kids added into the mix!) We are set to close on our house here June 3rd and close on our house in Abilene on June 7th. We are going to be super sad to leave all of our sweet friends here in Dallas, but are looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and making new ones in Abilene.

We are looking forward to great things in the future: with our family, with our marriage, with our kids, with new friends, with ACU, and with so much more. We are praying that God will bless the decision we have made to move to Abilene. His hand has been in the decision from the beginning, so we know He has wonderful things in store for us!


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

This is random, but I think you guys looked at my parents house on Crestline. :) It's for sale..they are moving to Dallas.

That's so exciting for you guys!!!! I love Lytle Shores. :)

Stormy said...

I am happy for you guys. May you be richly blessed in Abilene!

shannonmichaelis said...

Congrats - I let Derek know of the big change. We just prayed for your Christmas card (from our daily prayer bucket) and Justin told me that he goes to the "gym" when I told him this was Jim...

sharon said...

congrats! i am slightly jealous. you need to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Lori - I know Paul knows Jim from our Waco days. :)

Lynn Leaming said...

May the Lord bless your move in Ephesians 3:20 ways. It is exciting to have new hopes and dreams. Enjoy that moving while you're young, believe me the older you get the harder it is :-)

Kyla said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that things have fallen into place with the selling/buying of your house. Sounds like the Lord has definitely been in this. I pray that He continues to bless you in this transition! - I guess this means that Kasey will be making many more trips to Abilene. She's gonna miss y'all!