Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birthday Bride

Anna Lee turned 4 on December 21st. As usual, I am a little behind on my post. I still can't believe it has been four years since we brought this precious little girl into our lives! Anna Lee is a joy in every way, and we can't thank God enough for sharing her with us.
For this big 4 year old, we had a wedding birthday party! Anna Lee was a bride for Halloween and was gearing up for her role as a flower girl in Kasey's wedding, so it was a perfect theme.
Anna Lee's birthday party was so much fun!We had so much fun putting together the activities and decorating the house for a pretend wedding. The "real" bride even came!
At the party, the little girls got to make bouquets and veils...

and got to carry and wear them as they each walked down the aisle in our living room. We had an arch set up at the end of the aisle, but somehow I missed getting a picture of it!

Anna Lee got to celebrate with not only her sweet friends, but so many family members too. Our families all came into town for the event, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins came over for the celebration. Her sweet babysitter Claire came from Dallas too!

My family has a tradition of writing clues to lead you on a scavenger hunt to find your presents. Anna Lee was given picture clues for this birthday, and found her present from Mommy, Daddy, and J.D. at the front door...
a new bike!
Four is such a fun age...especially with this sweet girl! Here are a few things about Anna Lee as a four year old:
  • Anna Lee is the happiest girl I have ever known. There are very few times that Anna Lee is sad, upset, in a bad mood, etc. She keeps our whole house alive and joyful at all times, and is truly a ray of sunshine to those around her.
  • She and her brother are best friends already. Anna Lee and J.D. love to play together, and have even more fun the older they get. Anna Lee is always in charge (which usually means the play involves princess toys somehow) but she loves to find things that make J.D. happy. She adores him and takes care of him so sweetly. She is the most amazing big sister ever.
  • Anna Lee has adjusted really well to moving to Abilene. We were very worried that our move would be hard on her, but it has been the exact opposite. Anna Lee has loved having her daddy home more often, and has made so many new, sweet friends here already. Anna Lee had almost all boy friends in Dallas, and now it is the exact opposite...she has almost all girl friends here in Abilene.
  • Anna Lee loves princesses. I feel like a broken record saying that! Anna Lee fell in love with Disney princesses when she turned two...and has never turned back! She knows each princess like a best friend...what they wear, who they love, where they live, what they do, etc...the list is endless. We took Anna Lee to Disney World this summer, and it so much fun to watch her meet each of the princesses. It was truly the most magical place on earth for her. Now that the Rapunzel movie has come out, Anna Lee has a new best friend :)
  • Anna Lee is one of the most creative little kids I have ever met. She can pretend play with the best of them! It is not rare to hear Anna Lee setting up a tea party for her dolls or for all of us to have to answer to different names because she is pretending that each member of our family is a king, queen, etc. Everything is made into a fun story in our house.
  • Anna Lee knows no stranger. She can make friends with anyone! The other day, she told me she was looking forward to playing at the playground at Chick-fil-a because she would get to meet new friends.
  • Anna Lee is a smart little cookie. She is learning so much so fast. She goes to Young Children's World this year at Highland Church of Christ here in Abilene, and is learning so much! She has learned to write her name, and is beginning to learn to read. It is such a fun age to watch as she soaks so much in so quickly.
  • Anna Lee is extremely picky about clothes. She does not like having to wear pants or sleeves. It is a battle everyday. She would wear a sleeveless sundress everyday if I let her...even if it was 20 degrees outside. She is also very picky about colors, bows and clips, shoes, socks, etc. If goes (or doesn't go) with an outfit, she wants to discuss it before it is put on. (aka "argue about it") It has been interesting already thinking about the "discussions" we will have once she is a teenager!
  • Anna Lee loves electronics. She not only loves movies more than any kid I have ever seen, but she loves all things electronic. She can work my iphone much better than me, understands our tv remotes with ease, plays the wii (and beats me at almost all games), plays her leapster, etc. It is amazing to see the different world she is growing up in, and how she is able to figure out all things media so quickly. The idea of talking to someone live on a computer...or phone...was unheard of for us as a child, but it is so easy and normal for Anna Lee. It has been amazing to watch.
  • Anna Lee continues to have beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and pure white as snow skin. I have been wondering when (or if) her hair is going to turn brown, but so far, she is still a blondie.
  • Anna Lee is a wonderful daughter. She is sweet, encouraging, and so much fun. We thank God for blessing our lives with her. There is no way to put into words how special we think she is.
Happy birthday to a big 4 year old! We love you, Anna Lee!!!


Me and My Boys said...

What a fun birthday party!
AND Anna Lee and I share a birthday! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I love that precious little girl. I loved reading all of the things on your list. She is the best, most loving, most fun niece you could ever dream of. On her birthdays, I am always sad that she is growing up and I want to capture her and keep her at the same age always - but each year brings something even more wonderful than the year before. Good post. Happy birthday to sweet Anna Lee.