Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Assortment of Things...

My parents came in town for a wedding this past weekend. It was so fun to be together, and for Anna Lee to get to be with my parents. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful families, and as hard as it was to leave Nashville, it has been so nice being closer to them. I am thankful for each time Anna Lee gets to be with her grandparents.

Reading with Granddaddy

Playing basketball with GrandmommieA quick picture with my mom and sister before the wedding...Kara, we miss you!
Anna Lee has been working on her game of Hide and Seek lately. This was her attempt many times last week. When we would tell her to go and hide, this was the pose she would strike. A few days ago, she started to catch on, and will actually go around the corner or into another room to hide. I loved this somersault position! Notice the cracker in her hand (in many pictures, not just this one!)

We had a fun outing this morning with some of my closest friends from college. Hayley, Angie, and Julie all three live in the DFW area, and we enjoy the times when we can get our kiddos together. Clare and Ryan are having their 2 year old birthdays, so we decided to celebrate with a trip to the mall playground and cupcakes. Yum! It was so fun to be together....

Happy Birthday, Ryan!
Happy Birthday, Clare!
But this is where we ended up at the end of the the doctor's office (again!) making sure we didn't have a concussion from our fall off of a toy at the mall. Anna Lee was riding on a pretend car, and all we saw were her feet flying through the air right before she hit the ground face-first. She has the biggest knot on her forehead! I guess we are just trying to make the doctor's office our second home! We went by just to make sure everything was ok before I put her down for a long nap. Everything checked out ok...we were told to just probably expect black eyes later in the week. I know it is inevitable that your kids will get hurt, but even with something as simple as falling off of a toy, it is scary. I am so thankful that the only thing we ended up with was a bump on the head.


Hayley said...

Anna Lee was such a trooper! Glad she is OK! Thanks for celebrating with us!

Kyla Muns said...

As you know, we are moving to Dallas sometime in May. I am looking forward to hanging out with you and Kasey and Anna Lee!!!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE these pictures! Poor Annalee with her goose egg. If it makes you feel any better, Jane has one in the same place right now! These two are right in line with one another!

Rachel Evans said...

Poor Anna Lee! I'm glad she's okay! We need to get together for lunch again. I miss you guys. :)