Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friends and Flowers

We got to go to the Dallas Arboretum last week with some friends from church. It was such a beautiful day to be outside, and the flowers at the Arboretum were gorgeous! The moms and the kids seemed to enjoy the day outside, and it was fun to get some cute pictures.

Anna Lee got this flower headband in an Easter basket from my aunts and cousins in Ft. Worth...
I thought the Arboretum was the perfect place for it!

The older kids were all very interested in a duck that was asleep in the middle of the pond. I thought this was the cutest shot of them!

Anna Lee has a little "thing" for her friend, Bradley. She gets very excited when she gets to see him, and his name is one of the first that she has learned after Mama and Dada. The funny thing to me is that the feelings are mutual! They both love talking to each other and playing together. Bradley was very sweet to Anna Lee the while we were at the Arboretum, and walked alongside her stroller much of the time. If he was not there, she was calling for him. Bradley asked me if he could take Anna Lee to a little house that was by a garden where we ate. He held her hand and walked her there, and then carried her inside!

(As bald as she looks in this picture, she is actually starting to get some VERY blonde hair!)

Despite the sad face here, we had such a fun day with friends!


Lynn Leaming said...

What a sweet picture in the flower headband! Just adorable.

Carolyn said...

Great pictures! The pic of Anna Lee hugging Bradley is off-the-charts adorable. said...

Thanks for posting these pics and updates! I so miss you guys. This really helps. Can't wait to see you in May!

Heather said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that Bradley sure is a cutie!!!! I bet his parents are really cute too!