Friday, May 2, 2008

Loving on Kanyon

Jaymie and Kanyon Phillips visited us the past couple of nights for dinner. We had so much fun with them! They have been staying with my sister, Kasey, while Kanyon has been going to "Feeding Camp" here in Dallas. If you don't know about Kanyon, you should really check out his blog at They are such an amazing example of strength and faith. I had so much fun loving on that sweet little boy last night. It was so much fun to make him laugh, and then to later get to sing him to sleep.

Anna Lee loved Kanyon! She really wanted to be his friend, so she sat and talked with him while he sat in the bouncy seat. When Kanyon would kick his feet to make the bouncy seat bounce, Anna Lee would kick her feet just like him. We caught this picture of her offering Kanyon some of the ice she was chewing.

Thank you for coming to see us, Jaymie! We love you and your sweet baby boy!


maryann said...

Just caught up........oh, what a beauty she is!!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog--God truly does bring us the people we need at just the right time!!
We love and miss you. Tell Jim hi for us!

jaymie said...

OH man THANK YOU FOR HAVING US!! We really loved it. Kanyon keeps talking about Anna Lee! Look how red his hair looks against that pink blanket. He's tough enough to look good in pink! We really love y'all!