Friday, May 9, 2008


Anna Lee is a new fan of carrying double purses through the house. She has also discovered "posing" for pictures, and says something that sounds a lot like "Cheese" each time the camera is pulled out.
We discovered Elmo last week for the first time...a nice change from the constant Miss Pattycake. All day, Anna Lee requests "Emmo." He has helped a lot with our eating challenges....but one can only take so much Elmo!
Chatting on the phone---there may or may not be someone on the other end. She doesn't really care. She can carry the conversation with or without someone else talking back. Seriously...very chatty.
I thought this was so sweet as Jim and Anna Lee walked to the car after a dinner at Macaroni Grill.
Jim's cousin, Larissa, and her husband and little girl, Shaye, came to stay with us one night last weekend. It was really fun for the girls to get re-acquainted. For some reason, we decided to take pictures when the girls were not wearing clothes. Still really cute.


Hayley said...

I feel your pain on the Elmo thing. She is so sweet. Hope you guys had a good week!

ABL said...

I love the double purses. What a little priss! She is so adorable. I'm glad Elmo is helping at mealtime.