Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maggie Update

Here is the latest on Maggie, from her Aunt Lauren. Thanks for checking in on her.

Hey friends...
Can you all take a moment to pray for Maggie this afternoon? Apparently she had a bad morning today, and they were getting pretty worried about what direction she would be taking. She seems to be coming out of the trouble, but they will did an MRI of her brain today & will be going over the results in a an hour or two. What we learn here could determine a lot of her future. Also, they are checking her hearts to make sure it is not leaking.

These are both major hurdles. If we can clear them, we will be feeling REALLY REALLY good! Please pray that her brain is draining the fluid & that she will not have to do the shunt. Also, pray that her heart is strong & leak free!!

God has been so good to us throughout this whole process, and we know he will be faithful. He has plans for this little girl, and we can't wait to see how he is glorified with her life & healing.
In case you haven't been around or in the loop entirely- these are some things God has done for her in the past three days since she was born:

-A membrane protecting her spinal cord from the amniotic fluid appeared when they delivered her. The best eyes in the country had told us she would not have this after looking at it closely on several occasions- but God had different plans!

-Feet that are perfectly shaped & not clubbed!

-Legs that move & kick, and get really mad when you try to put an IV in them. This morning they were trying to put an IV in her foot & when she would yank them out of the nurse's hands when she felt them start rubbing the alcohol on her foot.

-An amazing closure surgery with a beautiful closing. Like a zipper! (Most are horrible & require skin slitting & graphting). The unit at children's say it is the best they have ever seen.

-Doctors that are hopeful that she will retain leg movement & minimal nervous system damage.

-She has control of her number 2's: )

- As of a few hours ago, we were told that the last thing we should hope for is bladder control. It's THE trademark of spina bifida- but she can pee when she wants! She just wet her diaper over the catheter, so they are going to remove it this afternoon!! Yay!

God is good! He loves Maggie more than I do, more than you do, and even more than Brooke & Matt. Let's ask that he continues to listen to our cries & heal our pretty baby!


jaymie said...

thanks for these updates. I am checking them often to see how Maggie is doing. I know you are a PRICELESS friend to her right now! everyone needs one of you!

Julie said...

That is just so exciting! Yeah for more good news!