Saturday, January 24, 2009


It feels like Anna Lee is growing up and changing faster than we can keep up. The biggest thing that I think has changed about her lately is her language. It is amazing how much she is talking and how fast it has changed. She is putting longer sentences together now, and it is fun to be able to have full conversations with her. It is also funny to hear some of the things she says. She is quite the child of reasoning. If she does or doesn't want to do something, she gives you all of the reasons why or why not. She has a mind of her own! She is making so many new connections everyday.
Yesterday, we were at the alterations place getting some of my pants altered. We had to stand in line to pay, and while we were in line, we watched all of the people getting their clothes pinned and measured for their alterations. Anna Lee was very interested in this and wanted to know what they were doing. I told her that the lady was "fixing their clothes." A few minutes later, both of the platforms were cleared of people and Anna Lee said, "My turn now, Mommy?" I said sure, not knowing what she was going to do. Anna Lee had brought along her little Sleeping Beauty doll and she set her up on the platform. She began fluffing her dress as she was squatting down on the floor. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was "Fixing Sleeping Beauty's clothes." The lady who worked there loved it.

Anna Lee is one of the sweetest kids I have ever met. She is extremely loving, kind, and sweet. She tells me she loves me all of the time, and Jim and I are never lacking for compliments, love, or self-confidence...until the other day. Anna Lee and I were playing with her new farm magnet set (thanks, Rachel!) and Anna Lee got very focused on this scarecrow magnet. She looked at it for a long time and then said very clearly, "This is Mommy." WHAT??? I asked her to repeat herself and she said again, "Look. This is Mommy." Hopefully I look better than this scarecrow!
Anna Lee is fascinated by all of the Disney princesses right now...make that "obsessed." She got Cinderella for her birthday, and has since then gotten to watch (portions of) Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. I had forgotten how scary those movies are! Anna Lee got this princess luggage set for her birthday, and it is one of her favorite things to carry it all around the house. I particularly liked this picture of her...with her fuzzy crocs on too. (Her "Bradley Slippers" as she calls them, since they are from her friend, Bradley)

I have mentioned before how much I love getting to spend time with some of my good friends from college now that we live in the same town. Anna Lee loves their kids now as friends of her own. These next couple of pictures are from some of our fun times together. (Maybe someday Anna Lee can have hair as long and as beautiful as Clare's!)

Too cute.


Hayley said...

She is such a sweet girl! Glad I get to know her!