Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rewinding a Bit...Back to an Elmo Birthday

Anna Lee turned 2 years old the week of Christmas. It is hard having a Christmas birthday! It feels like all of the celebrating gets squished together. But it was still fun! We had an Elmo party for Anna Lee at the Little Gym, and she had a great time with all of her friends and family. Anna Lee has taken little gymnastics classes at the Little Gym all semester, so it was fun to get to be there with all of her favorite people.

Two things I loved about this picture: Anna Lee's curls and Avery's smile at her

Taking a quick break from the action to go love on Baby Maggie
We had dinner with our families after the party at our house. I love when Anna Lee gets to be with both of our families at the same time. It was a bit cramped with all the kids in our small living room, but it was great to be together. Anna Lee felt grown-up getting to sit and eat with her cousin Brynlee.

GranDee and Pops gave her the kid size of the rocking chairs we have on our front porch. Now she won't steal our seats when we are all rocking together. She loved the chair!

She also had to give a ride to the doggie she got from Kara.

Her first pair of dress-up shoes from Kasey. They were worn so much, they were broken within the first several days. This birthday introduced Anna Lee into the world of girly accessories. She is quite the, necklaces, earrings, purses, you name it. If it is pink with sparkles and/or feathers, she is wearing or carrying it. She leaves the house fully accessorized at all times. She takes longer to get ready now than I do!
She also got a new tricycle from Mom-Mom and Grandad. It has been a hit so far! My favorite part is the adult handle bars for steering.

After a fun day and night, we found Anna Lee finishing off some Sesame Street her princess dress. We couldn't help but laugh.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I had no idea that Anna Lee did Little Gym too! Savannah LOVES Little Gym! We just signed up a couple of months ago and she's registered through June. FUN FUN! BTW, looks like we are having a boy this time too! : )

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean for the last one to go on as "Anonymous"!! It's from me..... Becca Pickens!!

Abbe said...

What a fun day! I love the last picture!

ginny said...

what great parties! good idea to have cookies for the little ones.

i can't believe she's already two!