Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Mama Said There'll Be Days Like These..."

So today has been a beating. Anna Lee woke up this morning in a very excited and/or agitated mood. She spent all morning either very happy or very upset. It was draining. Seriously, how many fits can one little person throw within an hour? It was like she was trying to set a record. Jim was there too, and at one point he came in and threw his hands up saying, "I am done with her." He was throwing in the towel. I completely understood.

Anna Lee and I went to her music class, where we had a lot of fun together. On our way home, I decided to run into Central Market to grab a sandwich. In hindsight, I should have gone through a drive-thru. Anna Lee is usually extremely obedient and sweet, even when we are out in public. Well, not today. She thought she would play a new game with me to make me run after her and then yell "No!" when I caught her. The new game made me look like the greatest mom ever. So I finally had had enough. I left my cart, took her into the bathroom and spanked her bottom. I kept wondering if the lady in the next stall was going to call CPS on me. Well, it turns out I should have let Anna Lee use the bathroom in the stall instead of spanking her. As soon as we left and went back to the deli, I looked down and Anna Lee was standing in a puddle of urine. She said, "Oh no, my Zoe panties are wet." And everything else!!!

There was a really sweet lady in the deli who came gave me towels to clean up the mess. I felt lots of eyes on me. The people around me were either feeling sorry for me... or wondering why I was crazy enough to have a second kid!

Anyone else had days like these?


Supermom-In-Training said...

Poor Kelly! And you're pregnant too on top of everything else! I've definitely had those days and JD hasn't even reached the terrible twos yet! Kudos for holding it together as well as you did!

ginny said...

you let her pee in her zoe pammmies?! you must be a bad mom! who the heck is zoe??

Becky said...

oh i am sooo sorry!
but secretly, i like hearing stories like this because then i know i'm not the only one this kind of stuff happens to. thanks for reminding us all we are not alone.

Lindsay said...

Oh my! I totally relate. I am so sorry you had to go through that - especially pregnant. But I agree with Becky, thank you for letting us know we are not alone. Kimber had a terrible time when I was pregnant but as soon as Blake was born she started mellowing out - a lot. Maybe a phase or maybe they can feel stress of change about to happen. Who knows what drives a kid to act the way they do somedays.

Abbe said...

I feel certain there are many days like those ahead of me. I can assure you that Anna Lee is always too cute even when she is not behaving as her mamma would like you can't help but think look at the blond hair blue eyed cutie.