Thursday, March 5, 2009

There's Nothing Quite Like Good Friends

We had the most wonderful weekend last weekend. Some of our best friends, Paul and Ericka, came with their two kiddos to visit us. We had been planning on going to see them a few months back, but because of some random medical issues with this pregnancy, I wasn't able to travel. We were so bummed...but Paul and Ericka saved the day and came to see us instead! We had so much fun with them! They are the kind of friends you pray for and with, and hope that your kids have friends like them someday too. It was so fun and easy to be together, and the time flew by way too fast. It was fun to watch our kids play together, and even more fun to get to meet their new sweet baby girl, Blake.

Each year, we send each other Christmas presents. This year, we decided to wait and give our presents to each other in person. The kids had a blast! It was fun to have a random Christmas celebration in March. After all the presents were opened, they had even more fun popping all of the air out of the bubble wrap with their dancing feet.

Riley and Anna Lee became fast friends. Even with their two year difference in age, they played together really well. Anna Lee was of course a little too bossy for my taste, but Riley handled it really well. They played and played all weekend, and by the end of our time together, Anna Lee's room was a true disaster zone. I really had never seen anything like it. We decided we needed some pictures of the destruction. The two of them had worked diligently at getting every toy out of every drawer, cabinet, closet, and shelf to play with. It was great!

On Saturday, we decided we would all take a fun trip to the zoo. Too bad it was freezing outside! Ericka and I were determined to make the trip, while the guys kept saying it would be too cold for all of us. We being the strong-willed women that we are, decided they were wrong and we would all be fine. As we were all freezing our tails off at the zoo, Ericka and I worked really hard to act like we were warm...we just weren't ready to admit they were right! By the end, though, the boys' wisdom had won out. We didn't see many animals because they were all inside due to the cold weather. Apparently they were smarter than us.

What a great weekend! Paul, Ericka, Riley, and Blake, you are welcome to Dallas anytime! We love you and loved having you here!