Friday, March 27, 2009

These Days are Fun

Well, I thought I would post some random pictures of Anna Lee I have from the past month or so. We have been having such a fun time with her! She is a fun, happy, very talkative little thing...and moments are never dull with her around!

The other day Anna Lee and I were about to run to the store and I told her to come get in the car. She said, "Wait just a minute, Mommy! I be right back!" She ran to her room and came back with this get-up. Couldn't leave without her necklace, bracelet, ring, purse, and sunglasses! How did she get so girly???Anna Lee loves having 4 cousins. She has so much fun each time she gets to be with them. She and her cousin, Kasen, seem to have the most fun together at this point. We will see how it changes over the years...especially as she learns that Brynlee knows more about princesses! Kasen turned 3 a couple of weeks ago, and we went to his Build a Bear party. Anna Lee had fun at the party, but had much more fun with Kasen. The two of them were hilarious. They were hugging, holding hands, and chasing each other around. I am so thankful for the little friendship they already share.

Last week, a couple of my close friends went with our church group to see Disney on Ice. It was fun to go together. You can't tell from this picture, but we think our kids actually had a great time.

Anna Lee spent a good bit of the show like this....covering her eyes. I didn't blame her, though. There were some really scary parts- including a 3 story high Ursula from The Little Mermaid. We had to talk about her a lot when we got home. Several times during the show, Anna Lee said, "Mommy, I want to go back to the car!"

Scary, huh?
Overall, the fact that she got to see Tinkerbell and Ariel fixed all the fears.

Anna Lee is 100% pure and simply obsessed with all things Disney Princess. I mean, really. Anyone she talks to gets a full description of the princesses and questions about which ones they like. She came in the other day and begged to get to wear her princess dress. I had no objection...especially since her plan was to wear it to clean the house! Apparently she was going for a Cinderella look that day.

My mom has been busy at home working on cleaning out closets lately. I am very impressed. She found this old pair of shoes of mine and brought them to Anna Lee. Anna Lee loved them! For some reason, it really got me tickled to see her wear them. Maybe it was their out-of-date style, maybe it was the fact that I used to actually wear them, or maybe it was the Christmas candy pajamas (and necklace of course!) to complete the outfit. Whatever it was, it made me laugh!

Anna Lee is quite the busy body. She is hard to keep up with! Jim has to bring work home every now and then. A few weekends ago, Jim was in the dining room working on a document and Anna Lee decided she needed to join him. She went into her room, got her Elmo computer, set it up on the table, and started working next to Jim, like she had a legal issue that was very important she needed to solve. It was very cute.

That is all the pictures I have for now. I will be posting nursery pictures soon! The count-down has officially begun...J.D. will be here in less than a month! Anna Lee has been talking about him like she fully understands. Oh how much she has to learn! She says he is not here...yet. And that when he gets here, she is going to "help." She imitates how he will cry, and says she will give him his paci. It will be so fun...and such an see how she adjusts to the big upcoming change in our family. We were talking about it in the car the other night and I was telling her how she was the most wonderful girl in the world, and how Mommy and Daddy love her so much. I told her how we will still think she is the best girl in the world and love her so much when J.D. is here. It was one of those sweet moments you hope your child will respond to and maybe even remember. Her response was priceless: She looked at me and thoughtfully said, "Can I listen to Pocahontas now?"


Hayley said...

Love the computer pictures! Very funny. Disney on Ice was fun, despite the bored look on all the kids faces!