Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Relief

As I have said in previous posts, J.D. has been as fussy as you can possibly imagine. He has been quite the screamer. Anytime he was not asleep, he was crying...hard. We have been to numerous doctor's appointments trying to figure out what to do. This past week, after a teary phonecall to the doctor's office again, my doctor suggested that J.D. may be allergic to dairy. So, since I am still nursing him, I have been on a strict no-dairy diet. She also put him on an additional medicine to help with his reflux. Within 24 hours, J.D. was a completely different baby. I feel like I got to see what he actually looked like for the first time...without his eyes closed from screaming or sleeping. It has been such a better week!

We are still going to do some investigating to see if it was the new medicine or the lack of dairy. From what we can tell, it was a combination of the two. People who have spent time with us the past 2 months have been amazed at the difference. Last night, we went out to dinner (at a restaurant!) with friends, and J.D. sat in his carrier happily until he fell asleep. It was so wonderful! Our friends were shocked...since last week, they had to endure Life Group with J.D. screaming his head off. (Sorry, ya'll. Thank you for being such great friends!)

So I am thankful for a much more peaceful house. I kind of miss sour cream, ice cream, cheese, ranch, milk....(it is amazing how much stuff has dairy in it!)....but the reward is so much greater!


Becky said...

oh my goodness! this describes what Ava did, and the treatment for it, exactly! I know how awful it is to have a baby that only eats, cries, or sleeps, no happy awake time. We didn't figure out the dairy/reflux thing until she was about 3-4 months old. after that, she was a different child! i hope it works for jd too.

Hayley said...

So glad he is doing so well! He is so sweet.