Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a Week!

Last week was so crazy! Like all of the weeks since J.D. was born, we were busy, busy, busy. To begin, J.D. had his Baby Dedication at church. It was so sweet and special. Jim's parents and my parents came in for the occasion, and it was special to have our families there with us. Our preacher, John, said some really sweet words over J.D. and our family, and then one of our favorite people, Brant, said a wonderful prayer of blessing over him. We are so thankful for our church home, and for the people we have in our life who want to help us raise our kids to love God.

It was neat to get to have J.D.'s Baby Dedication/Blessing on Father's Day. We had a fun lunch with our families, and Anna Lee got to give her presents to her Pops and Grandad. We ended up not getting picture of Grandad's homemade stepping stone, but she was very proud of it and the hat she gave Pops.

I can't talk about Father's Day without saying a few words about Jim. (He got his presents later in the week.) He is absolutely, 100% the most wonderful daddy I can imagine. He does so much to love on and take care of all of us. We couldn't ask for a better Daddy around here!

Some father/son bonding while watching sports...

Five minutes later...
After the weekend of family, we loaded up and headed to Waco. We spend a few days there with Jim's parents and sister, and all four of Anna Lee's cousins. It was a zoo...but a really fun zoo! We did a lot of swimming, eating, playing, and movie watching. The kids even went to VBS together in the evenings.

After we got home from Waco, we unloaded, washed clothes, and then headed out again for my grandmother's family reunion in Abilene. It was my grandmother's first time to get to meet J.D.

It was really fun to get to be with my cousin Catherine and Aunt Donna too. They were so sweet and loved on our kids all weekend.

Kasey's boyfriend, Justin, came to the reunion with us too. We love that guy!

So we are finally at home...for a few days at least. It is good to be home and everyone agrees...even our happy baby!


erin f. said...

J.D. is such a cutie pie! He is getting so big. I always get updates on your sweet family from Kasey but it is fun to see pictures of everyone!

Hollie Reese said...

Hey, I am so glad to see that JD is feeling better! I can't are one tough mommy! We are actually moving to Richardson in 3 weeks! Maybe we will run into you at church!