Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Lately

Life has been much happier lately. With the combination of J.D.'s milk allergy, a million trips, and Anna Lee's tonsillectomy, things have felt a little crazy the past 4 months. But we are finally back in a groove! Anna Lee is a super happy girl. She is such a joy. She is 2 and a half now and as girly as they come. She starts at a new school next Monday, and I am really excited about the year she is going to have. J.D. just turned 4 months old. My how time flies! He is growing like a weed, and is such a laid back little guy. He sits and watches Anna Lee runs circles around him, and puts up with way too much princess talk. These past two months, he has been so much happier than the first two.

Anna Lee is quite the little mommy. She takes such good care of J.D. as well as all of her little dolls. She hasn't had a single moment of jealousy with J.D. , which I have been so thankful for. She loves to read him books, hug on him, and tell me what he "needs." Lately, she has decided that J.D.'s swing is not only his, but her baby doll's. Everytime I go to put J.D. in his swing, her doll is in it in this exact position. Every time. Little pillow behind its head, covered up with one of her old burp cloths. Every time.

The other day I came in to Anna Lee's room and I found her reading J.D. books. It was so sweet. He was just sitting and staring at her as she "read" story after story to him.

My grandmother gave us this great new double walking stroller. We haven't used it a lot lately because it has been so hot, even at night. This was a picture of the kids on their first ride in it together. They both seemed to enjoy it for different reasons. J.D. just liked being outside and Anna Lee just liked being next to J.D.

This is typical. Poor little guy having to study a picture of Ariel.

Watching a Praise Baby video together.
So glad life is slowing down a bit. As our fun summer is ending, I am looking forward to the routine of the Fall!


jaymie said...

so glad anna lee is back to her normal self!!! LOVE the pic of JD he looks so old!!! We sure miss y'all!

Hayley said...

What sweet kids! Glad thinks are slowing down a bit for you guys. It cracks me up how many clothes that Anna Lee and Clare both have! Great minds think alike!

erin f. said...

They are both such sweeties, I love Anna Lee putting her doll in his bouncy seat - she's a little mommy.

beccabur said...

Enjoyed your post! I can see both you and Jim in the kiddos, but in these particular pics I think Anna Lee really favors Jim and J.D. favors you more! So fun! FYI... Savannah and Marshall are the same way in our double stroller..... M likes to be outside and Savannah thinks it's cool to be next to M! Becca PIckens