Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surprise Snow!

Yesterday was such a fun day! We got up ready to go to Anna Lee's Valentine's Day party at her school and woke up to a fun surprise---LOTS of snow! We knew there was a possibility for bad weather, but we had no idea we would get so much snow. They said on the news last night it was a record breaking day for Dallas. The news said we ended up with 12 inches! Crazy! It was funny to me to wake Anna Lee up saying "It snowed last night!" because my dad used to always wake us up that way...when it hadn't snowed. It was his trick to get us to jump out of bed. (It worked every time!) This was the beautiful view as we left for Anna Lee's party yesterday morning. It was a fun ride in the car, listening to Anna Lee's commentary about the snow everywhere.

Anna Lee had a fun party and even had her daddy there to celebrate with her. She is still enjoying the treats she got...had a good amount of candy this morning already. Nothing like scrambled eggs and chocolate kisses for breakfast. Yum.

When we got home, Anna Lee was loving the snow. She thought it was so pretty coming down. It was coming down hard!

Jim came home early from work and after the kids got up from naps, we headed outside. They both had been very sick this week, so we tried not to stay out too long. But even with bad colds, you have to go play in a record-breaking snow!

All bundled up and ready to play!

We all worked hard to build a snow man...who ended up being a snow princess. (what a surprise!) Anna Lee went in and got all sorts of accessories for her to wear. (A snowman's figure is not really suited for a toddler princess dress.)

Sleeping Beauty

She is still out there this morning. Anna Lee woke up and wanted to check on her.

While Anna Lee was building "Sleeping Beauty," we brought the snow in to J.D. He didn't really know what to do with it.

Might as well eat it.

We took the kids on a wagon ride on our street. We didn't get very far, since the wagon got stuck in the snow. J.D. got a little cold along the way.

Such a fun day!

We woke up this morning to this beautiful view.