Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is Kasey tonight, updating with some new information about my mom's progress. Thanks for your prayers thus far in this journey - we're asking for a few more!

It seems like her incision has been healing properly since she came home from the hospital. Her check-up appointment with the surgeon went well last Wednesday. He told my mom to expect 3-4 months before she feels completely back to normal, but that he feels good about her progress.

However, the pain in her abdomen has increased over the past week. Her doctor had her come in yesterday for some lab work. The results today showed many positives, including normal albumin level and protein levels back up (Way to go mom for eating lots of protein!) But she also has a high white blood cell count, indicating that she may have a secondary infection in her abdomen that was probably caused by one of the antibiotics she has been taking. She is at home tonight and has started taking medication for the infection. She also had an x-ray done to eliminate the possibility that this is a bowel leak/peritonitis again. He is also concerned about dehydration. A few more tests are being done, and we (especially my mom) are all sure hoping that this doesn't lead to another hospital stay.

So, there has been a slight setback in her recovery, but we feel good about the plan. And once again, thankful for great care from doctors.

Thanks for your prayers,
Kasey (for the Wilson clan)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kasey, for the update. We will be praying.

Anonymous said...

kasey, Thanks so much for the update--we are continuing prayers on her behalf and are also so so hopeful that this is just as you described---a minor setback. Hugs to you, wonderful daughter, for being there to help and encourage as the days go by. Love to both you and your parents from the Waco Littons...keep us posted

Kyla said...

Kasey, I am so glad that you have been available to help your mom during this time. I will be praying that this new possible infection is very minor and won't delay her progress much at all. Thanks for keeping us updated. Miss you!

erin f. said...

Hope everything is going you guys.

Anonymous said...

Kasey, Thanks for the update on your mom. I have been thinking of her and wanted to take her some food. I will pray that this is just a minor issue.....without a hospital stay. I will also pray that her pain will be eased. When I think of your mom, I can't help but think of my Ben's two abdomen surgeries. It is so hard....and uncomfortable. Love and prayers to all of you. Elaine S.