Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Just One Week...

In just one will be different and we will be a family of four. Crazy! I haven't felt the best the past couple of weeks, and especially the past couple of days. I slipped in our living room on Monday and pulled a muscle really hard. Per the doctor's orders, I have been walking with crutches all week....and VERY slowly. Quite the image, isn't it?? My mom has been awesome and has been here the past couple of days to help me take care of Anna Lee. She is the best! Gotta love having a mom who will drop everything to come and take care of you! Anna Lee has had a ball, too!

Because of my laziness and being ready to be done, I haven't done much cooking lately (I think I have mentioned this previously). You know it is bad when you ask your daughter what she wants for dinner and she starts listing restaurants instead of foods. "Lubys, or Chick-fil-A, or Bubba's..." Someday hopefully she will know that food is actually cooked in a kitchen!

We (probably me more than anyone) have been counting down the days with Anna Lee until J.D. gets here, and she seems to really have no clue how life is about to change. For months, we have been talking about how Baby J.D. will be coming, etc. She talks about him very fondly and is well aware that he will be her little brother. Two nights ago, Anna Lee changed her response, though. It is now consistently as follows: We ask, "Who is coming in just 7 days?!?" Anna Lee's response: "Baby Jesus." Although they sound kind of similar (and we would love for Jesus to come back), I will not be having Him next week. And I doubt very seriously that after a few weeks, Anna Lee will think J.D. is as great as Jesus.

On the same note, Anna Lee has been making several Biblical character errors lately that have really gotten me tickled. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Anna Lee was getting a "talking to" the other night because she was not talking very nicely to us. I had her set up on her bed and was telling her that her tone of voice did not make me very happy. I said, "Anna Lee the way you were talking to Mommy was very rude." Anna Lee looked at me with a very puzzled look and said, "And Boaz?" I couldn't keep a straight face. Apparently now, Anna Lee relates talking ugly to Mommy with the story of Ruth and Boaz from the Bible. I don't think she quite understood.

We were watching American Idol the other night. Anna Lee is quite the fan, and can name most of the people on the show. When Adam, who has proven to be a very good performer, sang "Born to be Wild," Anna Lee asked what his name was. Here is a link to Adam's performance: just to give you an idea of what she was watching. When I told Anna Lee that his name was Adam, she looked at me and then looked at the TV with a very confused look on her face and said, "Where's Eve?" Oh my. I got so tickled. Adam Lambert singing "Born to Be Wild" is definitely not the picture I have of the Garden of Eden.

That is all I have for now. Just thought I would share some funnies. Our time with Anna Lee alone is going to be over soon, but we are so excited about what is to come! Just 7 more days!!!


ABL said...

I can't wait to hear that J.D. is here and see lots of pictures! I'm sure he will such a handsome little fella.

I loved the Anna Lee stories. Recently Korben kept talking about Jesus in the big hole. With a little probing and a reference to "Jesus' brothers", we finally figured out he was talking about Josheph being thrown into the ditch by his brothers. So funny!