Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Obsession

I don't know if I have ever known a child that loved princesses more than Anna Lee. She is truly every sense of the word. She would be so happy if she could actually be a Disney princess herself. Several months back, some of our friends at church, the Stevens, were cleaning out their little girls' closets. They were so sweet and brought Anna Lee a bunch of toys that they weren't using anymore. Included in this set of toys was a set of Barbie-type dolls, all dressed as the Disney princesses. Anna Lee has had the MOST fun with them! After a few weeks, I started taking pictures of the princesses around our house. I find them in the funniest places! They travel as a group, and they are always set up in a way that they are participating in some sort of activity. It has made us laugh so hard. So here is a collection of the princesses' "trips" around the house...

A donut picnic
(Please excuse the immodesty of some of the princesses...I haven't figured out yet why some of them were not fully clothed here)

Taking a nap/Having a snack in the highchair....they had a hard time all fitting.
Looks quite uncomfortable.

Listening to a story from Anna Lee...a princess story (about themselves)

Apparently taking a nap under the dresser. Maybe it was too bright in her room.

Taking a nap in Anna Lee's bed.
Notice the doll that got the extra little pillow. It is Sleeping Beauty. She is Anna Lee's favorite.

In time out. Not sure what they did (as a group) to get put here.

Playing in Anna Lee's house.

Ariel is accompanying J.D. in the kitchen....with a plate of pretend food....
just in case J.D. (or Ariel) got hungry.

Eating dinner at the table with us. They provided riveting conversation.

So there you have it. The princesses' travels around our house.

Who knows where we will find them next. I'm just hoping they never need to use the bathroom...


Lindsay said...

That is so funny. Anna Lee is so cute. She is definitely beyond her years. :)

erin f. said...

This is so funny! What an imagination she must have. I love it.

Ericka said...

i LOVE the pictures! I think my favorite one is the one under the dresser, it made me laugh out loud! Isn't it fun to watch their imaginations at work! Love you!

Julie said...

She is the best.