Friday, July 31, 2009

The Little Trooper

What a week! Anna Lee's surgery went very well on Wednesday. Thank you all for your prayers, calls, emails, etc. Anna Lee has been quite the little trooper through everything. At the hospital on Wednesday, she did a great job. She particularly didn't like having to wear the hospital bracelet or getting her blood pressure taken with the cuff around her arm. She said we needed to take it off because it was "too small" as it constricted around her arm. :0) Jim and I were both very thankful for the "Goofy Juice" she received before surgery. We had to wait a little longer than planned in the playroom before taking her back, so Anna Lee was getting a little anxious....and hungry and thirsty. She hadn't been allowed to have anything that morning, and they didn't take her back until after noon. Once she got the Goofy Juice, though, things were much easier. She was quite funny. We left her being wheeled into surgery with a big grin on her face and waving saying, "Bye, Mommy!" (with slurred speech).

Waking up from the anesthesia was kind of hard, but she did a great job. We got to sit and rock her in the recovery room for almost an hour while they monitored her. They had told us to be prepared to stay overnight, but she did such a great job, we got to bring her home that night. We were so glad!

The rest of the week has been a little tough at times, but she has done a great job. You can tell she really hurts, mainly when she wakes up from sleeping. She has not wanted to talk or swallow at those times, but her medicines have really been have the Disney princess "surprises" she has gotten along the way. She has had several fun visitors come by, and that has seemed to lift her spirits. My mom has been such a great help this week, and has even slept by her in bed each night to make sure she was ok. We have all had our yearly fill of Disney movies in the past several days!

One of the main things I was a little surprised by was the change in her voice. I knew it would help later on with her speech (which was one of the reasons we did the surgery), but I didn't realize the drastic change that would immediately happen in her voice. I have been reassured that the change is only temporary, so it has helped me (as the speech pathologist mom) see it as a little funny and cute instead of stressful and worrisome. Her voice is now higher, squeekier, and MUCH more nasal. She is just not used to so much air being able to come through her nose! She sounds a little like Alvin and the Chipmunks at times. We are loving it! Here is a quick sample of her telling about her surgery.


Lynn Leaming said...

So glad Anna Lee is recovering so well. Aren't video cameras great for capturing all those memories? Hope she continue to do just great!

ginny said...

cute, cute video! how's the snoring? glad she's going better...

erin f. said...

That video is so cute! I'm glad she is doing so well after surgery.