Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Rewind #1: A Princess Birthday

Anna Lee's birthday is December 21st. It is always crazy trying to fit a fun birthday celebration into the midst of the holiday craziness. This year was no exception. We had a really fun birthday for Anna Lee on the Saturday before Christmas. To no one's surprise, she wanted a princess party. Since she has so many boy friends, we decided to make it a costume party with princess accents. Anna Lee was of course dressed as Cinderella...dress, crown, shoes, necklaces, etc. She is SOOO girly!

We had all sorts of activities at the party...a princess bounce house, pin the princess on the castle, basketball, cars to ride in, bean bag tosses, lots of food, and even a costume parade.

I was crazy this year and decided I wanted to make the cake. I found a bakery that would make what I wanted...for $200! Crazy! (After I made it, I think I understood why it was so expensive!) My mom and I worked for hours to get the cake just right. I thought I was going to lose my mind. But my mom kept me sane and helped me, even after I made several recipe errors. The finished productThe night of Anna Lee's birthday, we took her to the Magic Time Machine for dinner. One of their waiters was Ariel that night. It was sorely disappointing...the food, the costumes, the acting, you name it. Not going to be a birthday tradition. But Anna Lee did have a blast getting her picture painted. They had a cartoonist there would would paint your picture and Anna Lee was so excited to do this. She waited in line for a while and then sat very still for him to paint a picture of her. He made her look like Tinkerbell, and she thought it was the greatest thing ever.

These pictures are in the wrong order...
The afternoon of Anna Lee's birthday, my mom and sisters and I took Anna Lee to get one of her favorite foods...potato soup at La Madelines. She eats an enormous amount! And she isn't a big eater.

While we were there, per Anna Lee's request, we all had a tea party. We had brought our own tea set for the occasion. There was another large table of women in the room and we got all of them to sing Happy Birthday with us. Anna Lee seemed to love it. She got her own fruit tart with three candles in it.

Some facts about our new 3 year old:
  • As I have said before, and it warrants being repeated, Anna Lee is GIRLY. She loves all things pink and princess. There is not a Disney princess that she does not know everything about and love dearly. Her favorite is Sleeping Beauty. She is mesmerized by crowns, jewels, purses, high heels, and most recently lipstick. She has not seen every Disney princess movie yet, because we think some of them are still too scary for her, but she knows every story and character by heart. She can spot a Disney princess item from a million miles away. I think she honestly wishes she was a Disney princess. We are taking her to Disney World soon. I am worried she might actually have a heart attack.
  • She is extremely talkative. Anna Lee says more words during a day than most people say during a week. She has long, grown-up conversations and says very funny things. She talks much more adult than she actually is.
  • Anna Lee LOVES movies. She has since she was born. J.D. can take them or leave them, but Anna Lee is extremely drawn to them. Jim says she would make a great movie critic someday. She would watch movies all day if I let her. She remembers very specific details about them and is very opinionated about why she does and doesn't like certain shows. She will watch her favorites over and over.
  • Anna Lee has a very sweet and busy spirit. She is a ball of energy, but is also very sweet and tender hearted. She is extremely kind and sweet and is one of the happiest kids I have ever met.
  • Anna Lee does not like to sleep. She needs it more than anyone I have ever seen, but she hates to have to waste any time in the day or night getting it.
  • Anna Lee is a very picky eater and does not like cheese. She loves fruits and vegetables and at times has been known to pick eating tomatoes over eating ice cream.
  • Anna Lee (sadly) cannot carry a tune. I used to think it was just because she was young, but as she has gotten older, I have come to grips with the fact that she just can't sing a tune. She loves music, dancing, and singing...but it honestly isn't her strong suit. But oh how I love to listen to that sweet voice or out of tune.
  • Anna Lee loves her brother. And she loves our family. She has shown nothing but pure joy and love for J.D. since the day he was born. She talks about how happy she is that we have him and how he is so cute. She tells everyone she sees that he is her little brother. I told her a few nights ago that maybe someday (no day soon!) we would have another little baby in our family. She got the biggest smile on her face and said "Yay!"
  • Did I say She LOVES Disney princesses???

What a sweet joy Anna Lee is to us!