Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December Rewind #2: Christmas at Home

Although it is well into January, I am going to continue the Christmas posts. We had such a fun and very filled Christmas. We are so blessed with wonderful family. We celebrated Christmas here with our little immediate family on Christmas Eve. These two cuties were excited for Santa to come. Anna Lee and I made Christmas cookies the night before and left them for Santa. J.D. watched from the sidelines.

Anna Lee loves for us to wear aprons when she helps me in the kitchen. For some reason, while we were making cookies, she decided she didn't want to wear a shirt. Apron only.

The loot
J.D. opened a few presents and then slept for the rest of the morning.
Anna Lee got a Cinderella book that came with a veil and gloves. This is regularly worn at our house now.

Anna Lee's big present was a Disney princess Power Wheel. She wasn't quite sure about it at first, but then realized she could actually drive it and she was a FAN! The only problem: she's not a very good driver. We should have also given her a helmet. She drove the car straight into our garage, the house, and the fence. Jim was chasing after her the whole time. I could barely take pictures, I was laughing so hard.
Look at that smile!

This is a much more accurate picture of the event. She thought it was great!

She also got a pink scooter. Still working on figuring that one out.

As we were getting packed up to leave for San Antonio, a huge winter storm blew in and it started snowing. Anna Lee had a blast playing outside.
This was what our street looked like as we got ready to leave for San Antonio. It was so pretty and fun to have snow on Christmas Eve.