Friday, January 29, 2010

December Rewind #3: SA and Waco Christmas

This will be the last December post (finally!), but I wanted to include some of these cute pictures...more for me than for anyone. We had a fun Christmas celebration in both San Antonio and Waco this year. We were first in SA with my family. One of the highlights was Santa showing up. Anna Lee understood it much more this year and was very excited to see him. He even brought her a Veggie Tales Moses DVD she had asked for.

This was how Anna Lee felt about Santa...

And this was how J.D. felt...poor guy. He didn't know what to think. His lip quivered the whole time he sat in Santa's lap.

Thanks Grandad!

Opening presents can be tiring!

We got to see our sweet Ninnie while we were there. She has loved the three of us since we were little girls.

Gotta love making the gingerbread house...especially when you get to make it with Mom-Mom and Aunt Kasey! (Notice Mom-Mom's necklace in the background. I wonder who made her wear that??)

My friend Abbe let me borrow some of her little boy, Avery's clothes recently. In the stack was this awesome Santa suit. I loved it! We got J.D. all dressed up one morning before Anna Lee got up and had fun taking pictures with my dad.

It was so good to get to be all together with my family, since Kara is living so far away now. We loved having her home! It was a fun Christmas celebration at the Wilsons.

After San Antonio, we got to celebrate Christmas with Jim's family during New Year's. It was so much fun! It is always crazy and so much fun to have all of the kids together.

The oldest 4...

J.D. showing off his new Christmas pj's...and two new teeth!

Jim's parents gave J.D. this basketball toy box. It was so special because it used to be Jim's when he was a baby. Jim's mom is so good about stuff like that. I hope I can keep up with things the way she has over the years, so I can pass them down later like she does. It is so neat to have special things for J.D. that used to belong to Jim.

One of Anna Lee's main presents this year was a HUGE collection of princess costumes, high heels, crowns, jewelry, etc. The girl could not have asked for anything better! She was sooo excited. Anna Lee changed her costumes and coordinating accessories numerous times throughout each day. They are still consistently worn here at home. She was (and still is) very particular about which crown would be worn with which dress, which shoes match, etc.

I loved this picture of her sifting through the a Belle gown.

So many high heels. The girl has way more than me! We have a pier and beam house, so when she wears her heels at home, they are super loud. We have adopted a new rule that they aren't allowed to be worn during J.D.'s naps. As soon as he wakes up, those things go right back on! No reminder is ever needed. Brynlee helping to dress the princess

Boxes are always the most fun!

Opening stockings together
Jim's mom has an almost identical picture of Jim like this. Love it.

The Wii is always a hit...even for the older siblings...

Christmas 2009


Abbe said...

I am so glad y'all had such a great Christmas and enjoyed the Santa suit, too. I am so glad that it didn't have to take a year off this year!

Deeanne said...

It really is so sad that your sweet kids don't get much attention from the family! :) What a fun fun time for all of us to share! Christmas and grandkids--priceless!