Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going home!!!

Mom just got the clearance to go home tonight! We are so excited and thankful! I started doing my dance again! He has "turned our mourning into dancing!" I will update more later tonight.


Vicki said...

We are doing the happy dance with you! Great news! And great witness of the Lord's mighty power and grace. We love you,
Coley and Vicki

Kyla said...

Yay!! Sooo happy to hear this news! There is no rest that you can get like the rest in your own bed. I know Sharon will be so happy to actually get to sleep and not get interrupted by doctors and nurses. :)

Patty Dishman said...

Great news! Happy to hear Sharon is going home! I pray that she will be able to get the rest she needs to recover completely.
Patty & Steve Dishman

erin f. said...

That's so great! Thank God!

Me and My Boys said...

Hallelujah! {smile, smile, smile}

Glynda said...

Bonner and I are both doing the happy dance with ya"ll. God is Good !!!! We will continue praying for all of ya'll as well as the Reece family. That is a very heart felt story. Hug Sharon for us.
Bonner and Glynda

Debbie said...

Dancing right along with you all! Thank you, Kelly, for keeping us updated on your Mom - she is so loved by so many.

As I pray for your Mom, I will also pray for the Reese's. My husband, Rick, is the medical director of the Peds ICU at Santa Rosa and was on-call much of this week as well as this weekend - I'm sure he was one of the drs. taking care of little Zach. I will share your story with him. Zach is in good hands - the Lord's, but also the PICU docs are excellent physicians and compassionate people.

Healing blessings on both your Mom and little Zach.