Sunday, July 25, 2010

No More Waiting

After waiting and hoping for the infection in mom's abdomen to improve, the doctors decided this morning to perform emergency surgery. She has just been taken back to the operating room and the doctors are currently working on her. The surgeon feels like there is a perforation in mom's bowel that is causing the wide-spread infection throughout her abdomen. His hope and our prayer is that he will be able to find the tear or hole and repair it. He said there would be several different ways for this to be done, and he would have to determine this during surgery.

This surgery is exploratory in nature and will be much more extensive than the last one. We are sad that she has to have surgery again, but so hopeful that this can be a step in the direction of recovery.

In the pre-op room, our family sat and sang together (kind of our church service for the day). Kasey, Kara and I sang songs she requested and she sang along with several of them. It was a strange time of blessing for all of us. We discussed lessons we have learned through this... lessons about family, friends, and caring for others during hard times (and how we have felt so cared for the past 12 days). Our biggest lesson is that God is in control... and we are thankful for that.

Please pray for mom as she is in surgery now as she tries to recover. Pray for the doctors' hands and minds as they care for her. Please pray that this surgery is the answer and that she can begin to get well.

On a side note... My cell phone is not working. The buttons and the screen are both broken. It has been the worst timing ever for a broken phone! If you need to reach me, feel free to text 210.857.2158 or 214.405.1914. I will have these phones with me until Tuesday when my new one arrives.

Thank you for loving us and for loving our mom. We will continue to keep you updated.

Our scripture for today was Isaiah 40:28-31. We pray that the Lord will renew her strength in every way.

Kelly (for the family)


Storey said...

Kelly, please pass on to your parents and sisters that we are praying for you all -- for your Mom and the doctors during this procedure. For patience and strength for you all -- waiting is tough, isn't it?! We send our love and prayers for a quick end to this pain for Sharon. Much love, Bob and Storey Heintzelman

Josh Stites said...

Love your mom and love the entire Wilson family. We will be praying for you guys tonight!

Specks said...

Praying for healing and peace/rest for you all!

Mary Lou said...

My husband and I were both at ACU with your parents, Kenny and Sharon. We were so sad to hear about Sharon's health problems, but glad to read that she is improving. Please give Sharon our best and tell her that we are offering prayers for her full recovery and healing. Thank you for writing these updates.

Mary Lou Ritchey Martin and Kim Martin