Thursday, July 29, 2010

An update and a special request

Dear friends and family,

Sorry I didn't get a post on the blog last night. We didn't get home until very late and I only had enough energy to eat a quick bite and fall into bed. Mom stayed here at the hospital without us last night because she felt well enough to be alone. During the night, she didn't seem to get much sleep because she became very nauseous and the nurses were in a lot trying to help her with this. Mom's nausea is better today.

The doctors told her yesterday that there was a possibility that she could maybe go home today. I sang a song and did a dance as soon as the doctor left the room... but I probably should have waited for today to do that. Mom continues to be doing very well today, but they are beginning to give her a couple of new things in her IV. The surgeon is supposed to be here soon and should be able to give us some more information about Mom's current progress and the possibility of her going home sometime soon. He was very encouraging yesterday, so we are hoping he will be that way again today.

While our family has been here at Santa rosa, we have met and become friends with a lot of different people- nurses, doctors, transporters to x-ray, other patients' families,etc. We have all really enjoyed meeting these people and learning their stories. We have learned a lot about suffering and how many people go through things much, much more difficult that a bowel obstruction. While we have been loved on beyond measure during Mom's stay in the hospital, we have thought so much about how other people live through hardships without prayers or support. I just can't imagine.

We met a family like that this week. We would like to bring their names to this incredible group of prayer partners and ask you to pray for and support them in the same ways you have for us. While Kasey and I were on the elevator a few days ago, there was a little two year old riding on it with her dad. She was as cute as they come! I started talking with her and quickly fell in love with her. She told us that her name was Faith and that her little brother, "Zacky," had a "boo-boo.". Her dad said that he actually was a 7 month old who was very, very sick. We told him that we would keep him in our prayers as they got off to go to the pediatric ICU on the 7th floor. We took Faith a balloon yesterday and then met up with them again this morning in the main floor waiting room. We got to sit and talk with them for a long time and learned more about their story. They had been stationed in the Army in Germany when their son, Zechariah, was born. He has had multiple health issues, including heart disease, since he was born. The Army sent them here for their son's care and he has been in the hospital since May. The dad comes to the hospital every day with Faith and sits in the waiting areas while Zechariah's mom sits with him in ICU. We asked the dad about what their family is needing, and we hurt so badly for them when he told us that their family all lives in California and that they don't know anyone here. While I know there are probably a lot more families here like them, we felt so touched by their story. We ask you to pray for the Reese family as you pray for Mom. We want them to feel God's loving arms around them in the same way that we have felt them around us.

If you are able to pray for or somehow encourage this family, please take a moment to do this. We have been thinking about how this sweet family can be supported. The dad told me this morning, "I know God has a purpose. I just don't know it yet." I guess that is how we all feel at some point (or many points) in life. We continue to be thankful that He loves us and is in control.

Kelly (for all of us)


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I just know that all the prayers have pestered God so much that he said, let me get this woman well quick!
We continue to pray that all the infection is gone and doesn't show back up any where.
God is so good and we thank him for you all.
Kathy Roebuck, Alabama