Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Morning

This morning, Mom went to the radiology department and had several tests done to determine how best to treat the infection in her abdomen. The doctors were able to do some procedures that will hopefully alleviate some of Mom's discomfort and pain, as well as give us some more needed information. They sedated Mom during the procedures, so she is kind of groggy coming out of that right now. We continue to pray that the doctors are able to find out more information and that they are able to treat whatever comes our way. All of the specialists that have been working with her have been wonderful and have taken very good care of her. Mom is allowed to eat at this point, so we are working on finding her things that sound good to her and that will give her strength. Please pray for her strength, as it is so hard seeing her body go through so much.

We are with Mom a lot during the day and would love to give her encouragement from this blog. If you have a minute, we would love it if you would leave a comment for her and sign your name(s) at the end so we can read it to her. We will print them off and be taking them to her daily. We know that even though it is too difficult for her to visit with friends in person right now, she would be so encouraged by getting to hear from you.

Thanks for loving us and especially for loving and caring about her.

Kelly (for all of us)


dalegarner said...


Tell Ms.Sharon we're praying for her. In fact, tell her I'm going to send Caleb this link so he'll know how she's doing. We had not heard so we're glad you're able to keep us up to date.

Ms. Sharon, we love you and you know you hold a very, very special place in our heart. We will be praying for you and a quick healing.

Love you

Anonymous said...


Knowing your love for music, I have been praying for God to give you a song that will lift you up, even in your lowest times. We love you and are continually seeking His face on your behalf.
Diane Litton

Abbe said...

Please tell Ms. Sharon that all the Wombles are praying for her, especially her buddy Avery!

erin f. said...

Y'all are probably tired of me, but I'm still here praying! Thanks for the update.

I love you very much Sharon and I know you will make it through this. I am praying for answers and relief.

Carolyn said...

I am praying for Sharon's strength and healing, for the doctors, and for all of your family. Get well soon!!

Anonymous said...


We continue to lift you,your family and your medical team to our Father. Your name is continually before his throne. We trust with you in the One who will not fail us. Great is His faithfulness!

In HIS service and yours,
Mary K. Griffin
The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and high tower.
Psalm 18:2

Anonymous said...

Rod and I are praying daily for you. It is hard not to rush by your side, as you have with us so many times, but we are honoring the request for your privacy.
God is not through with you, so keep up the fight.
We love you dearly and can't wait to see that sparkle in your eyes and see your smiling face!
Love you,

Rod and Tina Chisholm

shannonmichaelis said...


I have never met your mom before, but how frightening for things to move so quickly. Please let her know that we are praying for her! Thanks for the updates!

Derek & Shannon Michaelis

Shelly Kennington said...

Please let Ms. Sharon know that she is in our constant prayers and that we love her so very much! If there is anyone that can make it through this, it is her!! oxoxox

Shelly, Josh, Caleb, and Ella Kennington

Anonymous said...

Having spent alot of time with folks in hospitals recently, I know this is so stressful. Sharon will get through this and fully recover. Blessings to all of you for taking good care of her after she has done the same for so many.

On another note, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim's Dad on an airplane this week. We had a delightful conversation. It was good to catch up with everything going on in your family.

Greg Coldewey

aniejoy said...

Ms. Sharon,

I've been praying that God will guide my heart to a prayer focus for a night run that I am doing this weekend, and now He has. Thank you for living your life for God and letting so many others witness your love and passion for belong to Him. Thank you for helping pant and grow my little treasures from God in their earliest years.
I will be praying for you all evening Saturday.

-Melanie Fryar

linde said...

Hey Kelly,

Abbe told me to be praying for her mom. Please let her know that we are thinking of her and remembering delicious cake from when she threw the siggie sing song brides a wedding party before our first show:)



angie said...

We are praying for sweet Sharon. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Your mom is one special lady to our family. She is in our prayers - along with your dad and sisters.
Give Sharon a big hug from the Flow's.
Lisa and David

Ericka said...

We are praying for you and hope that you are starting to feel better. You and your family mean a lot to us...

We love you, Paul, Ericka, Riley and Blake

karen said...

many many prayers of love to sharon and the whole family! we love you guys and pray that the uh oh's have now turned to OH! with big exclamation point of joy! please give your mom a great big hug from the riches. karen and jack

Beth said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm so sorry you are feeling so badly! I'm praying for you and your family. By the way, this is a terrible way to get your girls all in one place!
Love you,
Beth Fullerton

Vicki said...

Sharon, you have been constantly in my thoughts and prayers since I heard of your illness last night. Camilla Becton told me about your problems and we spent time last night praying for you with Randy and Camilla (I figure they have a direct line to the Father!). Glad to find this blog and to have the update. We continue to lift you all up to the Father for His transforming power to heal you quickly. So thankful that the girls are all with you. We love you.
Vicki Coley

Mathis said...

Sharon, I think we all wish we could switch places with you. You are such a blessing and an encouragement both immediately and from a distance. I'm so grateful for you and I'm praying for the pain to subside and your strength to return quickly.

Mathis and Nicki Kennington

The Fletchers said...

Lifting you and your family up in many prayers! Praying for the pain to go away and for quick healing.

Dabney & JC Fletcher

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sharon,

Hank, Will, Baby Sam, Jimmy and I are praying & praying for you. You have been a source of strength and insight for me on more than one occasion, and now, I pray we are source of strength for you. We are so blessed to know you, and look forward to following you and your incredible family through the years. Hang in there. We love you lots! xoxoxox Ashley Holbrook & The Holbrook Men

Rod Cate said...

Sharon, My wife and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Rod Cate

Anonymous said...


I am very sorry you've been so sick and in so much pain lately. I wish I could help.

I prayed for you in the following countries recently: England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Texas.

God does not give us anything we cannot handle, and you will get through this.


Bonner said...

Sharon ,
I have been praying for you that God will touch you with his healing hand. I know that you are ready to get back to daily business , so get well soon. Enjoyed seeing you in Sudan. Love, Bonner Markham