Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Night

We all just got home together after a long and eventful day. Kara arrived safely and was able to give my mom a nice surprise tonight by coming into the hospital room.

Mom's morning started out bright and early with testing to determine the extent of the infection in her abdomen. In the radiology department, scans were done to determine where pockets of infected fluid have collected in her abdominal cavity- fluid that has caused Mom to be extremely swollen and in great discomfort and pain. The decision had been made yesterday by Mom's surgeon that a small amount of this fluid would be removed and tested to make sure the correct medications were being used to fight the infection. When this fluid was extracted, the doctors decided that the infection was severe enough that the fluid needed to be drained from her abdomen. Two drains were inserted to try to release this pressure and remove as much of the infection as possible. This procedure was uncomfortable for Mom, but she agreed that it was needed to help her heal.

We met with a large team of doctors this afternoon and discussed many questions, concerns, etc. There have been many issues that have come up since Mom's surgery that have been unexpected complications... issues involving her kidneys, protein levels, infections, etc....and the doctors have done an amazing job of treating Mom with each new issue. The team is looking for a reason that all of these complications have occurred. There is still not a definite answer for that.

In the next 24 to 48 hours, we will be watching and praying for the infection to be gone from her body. The doctors are continuing very strong, broad-spectrum antibiotics through IV to attack the infection. The hope is that along with these antibiotics, the new drains will help by pulling infected fluid out, and that no more will return. We are watching and hoping for a drastic improvement in how Mom feels within the next 2 days, giving indication that the medications and treatments are working. We also pray that the unexpected complications are finished! The surgeon told us today that we are just having to take her case one day at a time. It has been a wild roller coaster ride, and tonight, we feel like we are headed back up. I think we are all (especially including Mom!) ready for the ride to be safely over!

As we left Mom tonight, she was tired but in good spirits. It was good to have all 5 of us there together. Mom was very sore and fatigued from today's procedures, but seemed more comfortable than she has been in many days. She was able to eat a few bites of dinner for the first time in 9 days and even enjoyed a few sips of a lime slush from Sonic. We look forward to and pray for more progress tomorrow.

I took many of the comments from the earlier blog posts up and read them to Mom at the hospital tonight. She seemed to really gain strength from knowing that so many people are praying for her. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. We feel surrounded by them.

We have all been discussing lessons that we have been learning from this ordeal today. We are grateful to God for health, family, and friends. He provides for us in every situation, and we give Him thanks for how He has worked in this situation this week.

It has been amazing to watch and learn from Mom this week. Even in her most difficult moments, she shows care and concern for the people who are taking care of her. She knows the name (and usually the life story of) every person who has come in her room, and she continually asks how their mother, child, grandchild, etc. is doing. She is truly amazing.

Thank you for checking on us and thank you for your continued prayers. We will continue to provide updates.
Kelly (for all of us)


susan said...

Sharon, this is Gabe, Susan and Marlena Cary. We are sorry that you are not well enough for visitors. We have been thinking of you. We love you and think of you often especially when we are doing Bibleland and even this week as we are celebrating this Friday our Family VBS celebration at North Central campus!!! The theme was about being a Hero for God using King David's life. We love you and will pray for healing.

God is our Surgeon of Surgeons. Blessings to you,
Mr. Gabe, Ms. Susan, and Miss Marlena

chelsea said...

SHARON!! I am so sorry you are enduring such pain and sickness. I am thinking about you and praying for your full recovery. You are such a light in this world. I have no doubt that even in your misery, you are delighting all of those around you. Hang in there. And Kelly, you are one, sweet daughter for providing such thorough updates. Keep them coming and hang in there, yourself, dear one.

Me and My Boys said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom had a somewhat better day! We love y'all and are continuing to pray.

Dennis said...

My sister, you remain in our prayers as seek God's blessings of healing, speedy and complete recovery, peace, comfort and strenght. Please always remember; God loves you and we love you as well. Dennis and Patty McDonald, 1 Peter 5:7

Anonymous said...

We continue to lift you up in prayer, and full trust that God The Healer of all is tending to your every need. We are thankful for wonderful care gifers at your side, and are so happy you now have your whole family surrounding you!
Love you sweet Sharon!
Rod and Tina

Diane said...

I love the visual picture this scripture paints.
"But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength." II Tim. 4:17
I pray for you to realize the truth of this scripture in a deeper and deeper way. You shine as a light for Him even from your pain. We love you.
Ever praying. . . Diane Litton

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Judy and I are praying for you, for your healing. We love you very much, and its not just because of everything you've done (and that list is amazing!). You reflect Jesus so well, it is impossible not to return the love you always show. May the God's peace be upon you, may His healing hand restore you, may you be an instrument of His glory and for His glory as you endure this. God forgives our sins, and He HEALS all our diseases (psalm 103). We love you Sharon. Rod & Judy Cuellar

Chels said...

Wow, Kelly. Thank you for the updates. First of all I am so thankful Kasey and Kara got there and all of you are able to surround your mom during this process. I want you to know I am covering you guys in prayer - asking for a quick recovery and healing. Lord Jesus, we beg that for your comfort to fall upon Sharon and cover her entirely. We ask that you give all of the family peace and strength to be there alongside Sharon each day. We ask that you give the Doctors wisdom, alert minds and the ability to not only understand exactly whats going on with Sharon's body but exactly how to fight it and fix it. We know, Lord Jesus, that you alone are the true Doctor and you are able to touch Sharon and heal her up but we thank you for the knowledge of these doctors and ask for your hand to guide them. Thank you for touching her. Thank you for loving her more than we know how and we thank you for the Wilson family and their love for you. May you be glorified through this struggle and their reliance on you. May you be glorified, Father. We love you.

Kelly George said...

I just read Tina's comments on facebook and saw the problems your sweet mom has been facing. We are lifting your family up in prayer. Your mom is an angel and it feels as though God's kingdom is under attack as we have many sweet friends in pain. Your mom has touched my life growing up by the life she led and I will always remember her kindness as I started a family and she shared our joy by throwing showers and being so excited for us. As I am remembering of all my Christian friends under attack, your house is built on God's rock and though the rains have come tumbling down, your house which was built on God shall stand and God will remain firm. We love you and are praying for healing and comfort.
-Kelly (Mullins) George

Anonymous said...

Sharon - Well 30 plus years of living with Kenny has finally taken its toll. Truthfully, after you have fully recovered, you will probably be able to trace this back to something Kenny tried to cook and now almost poisioned you to death.

Lisa and I continue to pray for your complete recovery (please Lord make it soon). So glad you have all your girls now surrounding you. Also glad you have Jim Martin there beside you. We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Your a blessing and witness even in sickness. God's richess blessings on you.
All our love - The Flows

Lori said...

Sharon, I am so sorry to hear of your illness and pain. I pray that you will soon find relief and complete healing. I'm thankful you have your girls around you to lift your spirits. I know that you are blessing others even as they are trying to help you. Feel better soon. Love, Lori Davis

Kathy Gatewood said...

Sharon,my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach when I heard you were so ill. I have been praying for the Master Physicians hand of healing power to touch you from head to toe, and I will not stop.
Now,Sharon Ann Wilson Wilson you will get well! We have a big class reunion coming up soon and if you think you are going to get out of it, think again.haha I do so want you to be able to come home, I'm being selfish but I want to get to visit with you, it has been tooo long. There is no way that I can tell you how much I love you and miss you. Kathy
It sounds like your girls are taking good care of you, wish I had the chance to know them.

Pam Willeford said...

I just read on facebook of people praying for you and Kelly's blog updating your status. Know that you are in the prayers of our family. You are so precious to all of us in the Willeford clan.
I have been making a T-shirt quilt for Stephanie and Rachel from all the shirts they have saved from Oak Hills. I've been quilting Stephanie's lately and every time I come to one of the Kid's Praise shirts, I think of you and the amazing things you achieved with our kids. Now I will be praying for you with every stitch I make in those quilts.
May God's blessings and grace be upon you and your family.
Love to you,
Pam Willeford

Anonymous said...

Sharon - this is Kimberly and Shirley Pipes. We are so sorry you are having to go through this terrible ordeal. We know what it's like to go through this kind of trauma and hospital stays having experienced it ourselves. We are praying for you, your family and your doctors. We know you will come through this just fine and stronger than ever.
Much love to you and your family!
Kimberly and Shirley Pipes

Leonard Keeton said...

We are so sorry to hear about your recent and ongoing health issues. We pray that the doctors treatments will help alleviate the problems you have had and that you will be back to your usual cheery self very soon. I know you are happy to have your loving family there with you. Get well soon.
Leonard, Betty and the rest of the Keeton clan.

Hayley said...


Hope you are getting some relief! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery!

Kelly, thanks for updating!

Kyla said...

I was just sitting here thinking about the time that we all came home with Kasey for the weekend when we were in college and we all went to church at Oak Hills. We sat in with the kid's in Sharon's Sunday school class and watched as she taught them and directed them in song. I'm praying for that kind of energy to come back to you soon, Sharon!

carrietidwell said...

Sharon and Family, our hearts have been heavy knowing the difficult and unexpected health issues you are going through. Sharon, you are one of our pillars in the faith and we have been blessed by you countless times. Your guidance, counsel, and tender care for others is truly an outpouring of the Spirit. Mark, Emily, Lukas, and I are all speaking your name to our Lord asking Him to show you mercy and provide complete healing. We love you greatly.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Sharon!! I just found out, and I am so glad to know.
Love you Sharon!!
love, shelly vaughn

Allison said...

I got to your blog from Clarissa's blog. Please tell Ms. Sharon that the Gordon-Cumming's (and Kneib's) are praying for her and thinking about her!