Monday, July 26, 2010


Today was filled with some new positives. Mom has done well following surgery yesterday and seems to be (hopefully) on the road to recovery. We fully expected her to be in a lot of pain and asleep most of the day, but we were pleasantly surprised when we were wrong. Mom talked to us a good bit of the day and seemed to be in good spirits. We worked a good bit of the day trying to figure out some of her pain medications, but as of tonight, we think that is all settled. We have been amazed at Mom's strength. She is incredibly tough. I think I have always known this, but it has been amazing to be reminded of this as she has been in the hospital these past 13 days. Mom has been poked and prodded, cut on and stuck, but she takes it all without complaining....usually with a smile on her face as she tries to ask the nurse or doctor about his or her family. Mom currently has an ng tube in her nose helping with some pressure in her belly. (She is calling this her "ninja tube".) This is really, really bothering and hurting her. We are hoping things look good enough for this to come out tomorrow. We met with the surgeon this afternoon and he was very pleased with the results of the surgery and her condition today.

We were very encouraged today that Mom seemed to desire food. Over the past week or so, Mom has been extremely turned off by the smell and even the mention of food. Mom had been very specific about what foods she wanted since nothing sounded or tasted good to her. We were driving all over town to get barbeque pizzas from Lifetime Fitness, steak brazos from J.Alexanders, biscuits and gravy from Cracker Barrell, etc. just for her to get a few bites of something that tasted ok to her. She had even mentioned the fact that everything smelled differently than it had before. Now that they have cleared her body of that awful infection, Mom is ready to eat again! We had donuts this morning and Mom told us that they smelled so good to her. She said food sounded appetizing to her, though she still isn't able to have anything to eat until at least tomorrow...and then it is only clear liquids...but still! We are thankful for small victories!!!

Mom was in a great deal of pain this evening. Please pray that she is able to get some rest tonight. Kasey and I are staying at the hospital with her tonight so Dad can get some rest. He has been an amazing caretaker and needs a night of good sleep in his bed. Kara is taking care of getting us dinner (yes, dinner at 11---you kind of lose track of time here!) and clothes for the morning.

A couple of nights ago, our family sat and watched Evan Almighty on TV. Strange choice, I realize, but there wasn't much of a selection. It was a timely show for us though. In one of the scenes, God (played by Morgan Freeman) said that when people pray for patience or courage, they aren't just given those things....They are given opportunities to be patient or courageous. When a family prays to become closer, they just don't automatically become that way...they are given opportunities to grow together in love. Now, I'm not sure who it was in our family who was praying for all of these things (I will have to investigate that!), but our family has certainly been given opportunities the past 13 days to grow in courage, patience, and as a family in love. As frustrating and long as this ordeal has been, it has been such a blessing to all be together. We have spent time in prayer and in song, laughing, reading scripture, eating, talking, drilling the doctors with questions, playing Scrabble on our iphones, giving each other a hard time, taking turns holding Mom's hand, giving her ice chips, or wiping her head with a cool cloth, etc. It has certainly been a time of growing closer. While I in NO way am happy that Mom is having to endure this awful illness, I thank God that He is using it to strengthen our family in new ways.

Thank you for your constant expressions of care and concern for us, and for continuing to bring our sweet momma's name to the Lord to ask Him to heal her. We love her so much and want so badly for her to be well again.

Kelly (for all of us)


karen said...

adding to your thankfulness from abilene. hooray for the good news that today brought. please continue to let your mom and your whole family know that we are thinking of you all, and praying for her complete recovery.
love, karen and jack

Patty Dishman said...

Also adding to your thankfulness from Houston! We are so glad to hear the surgeons were able to remove the infection. We are praying that it does not return and that Sharon is now well on her way to complete healing. Thanks for keeping us updated through your blog. May God bless you and your family.
Love, Patty & Steve Dishman

the Littons said...

Also adding to your thankfulness from Tyler, Athens, Huntsville, and Arequipa, Peru! Kyle and Larissa are keeping up the prayers from south of the equator. Sharon, you are going to have some stories to tell around the bridge table when you are a blue hair! You'll trump us all. Love to you all. We are ever praying.

Jayme said...

Kelly, I'm so glad your mom is doing well. Many of my best childhood memories include your mom and your family at church! It's been amazing watching how your family is dealing with this situation and the strength you all display. We will continue to pray for her healing.

- Jayme Lyon (SOLIS)

Kathy Gatewood said...

I am giving prais and glory to God this morning for the good report. His Word is truth and He is faithful to His children. I will continue to pray for your strength, continued healing, and for your family that waits on you.
Love you lots, Kathy